Additional Contacts

This tab is used for updating the contact persons related to this projects, and to sort and organize them according to their Agency / Division.

אנשי קשר נוספים

At the top of this tab there is a searching field to search for a contact person by his name. This tab has two main areas:

  • Contacts list - The list of the contacts sorted by the Agency / Division.
  • contact details - Contact details and general information about the contact person. Additional information about the information fields can be found at the bottom of this page.

The following action buttons are available in this page:

Add Record Add a new contact person.
Create Mail Send an Email message to the contact person.
New SMS Send SMS message to the contact person.
New Meeting Create a new meeting with the contact person.
Print an Envelope Print the details of the contact person on an envelope.
Copy Contact to a Letter Copy the details of the contact person to the clipboard.
Delete Delete the contact person.

After filling in the information fields of the client card, click the save button.