Settings done on Hyper's Client App

According to your authorization level, use hyper to control the website Headers, Email content and other settings.
Follow this page, step by step, to setup your configuration before you load the website app on the server.

Step 1. Server Side Tasks & webAPI

Server Side Tasks & webAPI Settings

These are the fields that affect application behavior:
Field Name Description
Default Agency This setting is the default agency for all server side tasks.
When creating a new Client Lead or doing any task that does not assigned to an Entity... the web-app will use this default Agency.
Default Translation Language This setting is the default language of the website, until the web user select any specific one (can be done by URL as well).
Default Public Email Address This will be the default outgoing mail address, from the Public Mailboxes list.
Some modules will select a different mailbox, according to assigned Entity ! (by agency).
Default SMS "Sent From" Number This will be the default outgoing SMS number.
Some modules will select a different SMS number, according to assigned Entity ! (by agency).
Website API Token String For security reasons, if defined, any call for this web-app API should post this string as a value for the field: "ApiToken". Please read the Json API & Advanced Html page to learn more.
Website English Title This is the HTML Title for any page produced by this web-app.
In a few cases, this string will be used as 'Brand Name' for email content. e.g. Translate("Welcome to") + space + Translate([Website English Title])
Use caption customization tool in hyper, to adjust your brand name in different languages.
Website Session Timeout # Minutes The session will remain open for # minutes after last http transaction, for both HTML and API interfaces.
Website BCC Every mail to This feature is NOT compatible with Privacy Protection Regulations !
Define an Email address(s) to forward an hidden copy of each sent message, for backup and followup purposes.
The BCC address should be different than the Public EMail Accounts, that hyper is using to send out mail !
You can fill a list of targets, separated by ; char. for example:;;
Attention: This feature is NOT Legal at some countries / projects. Please advise your lawyers before using it !
Accept Client Age above # years Allow you to block new client registration (or new lead post) by Birthday field.
Identify Owner Accounts Does your activity allows same client to register more then single account ?
Do you wish the website to combine data from multiple client records (with all their sub tables and linked data) ?
If you do (login will be slower), select the way you want this linkage to work:
  • None: do not search for more client records.
  • By ID Number: Query for client records with the same ID field value.
  • By Email: Query for client records with the same Email field value.
  • By Email or ID Number: Query for client records with the same Email OR ID field value.
  • Only By Parent Account: Query for client records their Parent Client field point to the connected client record.

b.t.w. This setting will also make hyper's server app to connect Sub-Client records to the parent record, by creation time (parent is the first).
Website Purpose This field set the website behavior and Active Modules, You are allowed to select multiple items:
  • Retail Shop (B2C): Website pages for selling products (orders) and receive payment or obligation.
    Single Clients (B2C), with support for shipment solutions and GIS data.
  • Wholesale Shop (B2B): Importer and Wholesale to other sellers (B2B), with support for branches and logistics !
  • Sales Agent Web Interface: Make sales with your mobile device, the documents will fly via Email or to your Office (Physical) Printer !
  • CFD Broker: Website pages for the Brokers industry (CFD Trading Platforms / Stock Market).
    Deposit, Withdrawal, Position reports, Tax reports etc.
  • Remittance Project: Website pages for money remittance service providers.
    Deposit, Withdrawal, Account management. can be integrated with Shop.
  • Loans Project: Website pages for E-Loans service providers.
Website Registration Steps
  • Beneficiary on first page: Hyper will receive both Client record and first Contact person as Beneficiary - on first HTML registration page.
    Read about it later this page...
  • Beneficiary on other page: Hyper will receive at least one Contact person, during HTML registration, right after Client record.
  • Must upload docs: Upload Documents page will be part of the HTML registration process.
  • Credit card storage: Ask client for C.C. details as part of the HTML registration process.
  • Bank account storage: Ask client for B.A. details as part of the HTML registration process.
Website Account Verification If you wish to verify new client's cellphone number (by SMS) OR/AND EMail address, set this field.
Website Login System Define how the client will identify himself (fields and 2 factor id), As described on the Login Page.
Website Payments Interface Allow payment for e-commerce OR Deposit money into client account.
  • Credit Card S2S: Allow credit card payment (or deposit) through hyper's server ("Server to Server" technology - PCI compliant), but without storing the details of the C.C.
    This option keeps the client privacy at it best.
    Please note, that there is no connection between this option and the ability to use 3rd party payment providers on the website.
  • Save CC Details (S2S) after payment: Works with the previous item, to store Credit Card Details, encrypted in hyper's database, for further usage or for crediting.
    This way is also "PCI DSS compliant".
  • Allow to use Stored Credit Cards (S2S): This is a stand alone feature !
    The client can use any of his/her credit cards, either if he/she has entered them on the site OR there were pre-entered in the Hyper client app.
  • Bank Transfer Upload OR Bank Transfer Notification:
    Website html form where the client declare about money transfer he/she just made.
    The difference between these two items is the option to upload image file of the transaction.
  • Allow 3rd party wallets (WS config): This is a general "enable switch" for all supported 3rd party payment providers on the website.

For further information, please read the Online Payments Interface chapter.
Website Limit New Client Payment
  • No Limit: New client can pay (purchase or deposit), right after registration on website.
  • Wait for simple confirmation: New client must wait until he/she being confirmed in the Hyper client app ("Activate Client" button).
  • Full Regulation - CC must be registered: Like previous option, but the credit card must be pre-stored and confirmed in the Hyper client app.
Website Withdraw Request Page Define whether to display the withdraw page:
  • Enabled: Check this box to enable the whole function.
  • Show CC / Bank Account List: enable the user to select from registered accounts / credit cards (pre-stored on hyper).
  • Bank Account Form: enable the user to fill-in bank account details.
  • CC Form: enable the user to fill-in credit card details.
Website Create TP Account on NEW client reg This feature is only available when "Website Purpose = CFD Broker", Possible values are:
  • No: The web-app will never open a TP account on registration.
  • Yes - after first page: After creating a new client record, the web-app will try to open a TP account.
  • Yes - after whole reg process is done: After filling the last page of the web-app sequence, it will try to open a TP account.
Website Create multiple TP Real accounts upto Define how many real accounts can be created from the web-app, in addition to the first opened real account (The option of opening the first account can not be blocked by using this field).

Website Disable Functions

Use this setting (field) to block and limit functionality of the web-app:
Function Name Description
JSON API Block any access to the web-app (json) API.
Companies on Gender Fields The default Gender fields on hyper, include the obvious : "Male", "Female" and then "Private Company" and "Public Company". If you select this option, then the possible genders for selection will be Male and Female".
Create a Live Account This is the registration page for creating a real account (New Client Lead).
Personal Information & Password To block the whole page, select this item.
You can make this page READ-ONLY by selecting "Editing Personal Information & Docs".
Documents Module The documents page is used for viewing and uploading the required documents from the client.
To block the whole page, select this item.
You can make this page READ-ONLY by selecting "Editing Personal Information & Docs".
Editing Personal Information & Docs If you select this item, you block the ability to modify personal information (including Contact Persons table) and to upload docs.
Internal Mail The Incoming Messages page, displays internal messages for the client, from "hyp_Website Mail to Clients" table.
Customer Service On this page the client can create new service tickets and view previous tickets with their handling status.
Journal Report A report page which displays the client bookkeeping journal entries.
Statements A report page which displays the client statements, Invoices, Receipts etc. It's a PDF list with download option.
Closed Trades Report For Broker website: A report page which displays the closed transactions of the client.
Monetary TP Report For Broker website: A report page which displays the Deposit / Withdrawal transactions on the client account.
Open Trades Report For Broker website: A report page which displays the open trades of the client.
Create a Demo Account This is the registration page for creating a Demo account (New Client Lead).
Add Demo Account after Live For Broker website: Select this item to block the client from creating a Demo account, after having a Live account.
TP Credit Line For Broker website: If you select this item - the CREDIT LINE field will not be displayed on the HTML and the Json API.

Step 2. Website Client Fields Matrix

In this frame, you define which fields will be available on each web page (html form).
Please watch screen caption as an implementation example:
  1. Use in Live Account Registration Page: New Client / Lead ("Landing Page"). usually used for general fields.
  2. Use in Live Account Registration Stage 2: New Client online registration - more serious fields...
  3. Use in Update Personal Details Page: For already registered clients (after login to the clients portal).
  4. Use in Demo Account Registration Page: New Client / Lead ("Landing Page").
  5. json API Field Name: For API programmers, you can override the web-app default json field names by using this column.

Website Client Fields Matrix Settings
Select only fields that you wish to display and edit. For each Field / Page combination, you can select 1 of 3 values:
  • None: The selected field will not be displayed in this page.
  • Standard Field: The selected field will be displayed in this page.
  • Mandatory Field: The selected field will be displayed in this page, as mandatory field.
The order of the fields here, will be the order in the Html.   Use right-click pop-up menu to change rows order.

Special function fields

Only for HTML pages, beside the "hyp_Clients" table, you can select verification fields:
Field Name Description
Confirm Email This field is used for verifying the Email Address field on the Html form.
Confirm password This field is used for verifying the Password field on the Html form.

Step 3. Use "Text Components for Modules" to define website content

The web-app get it's HTML contents and EMail templates from hyper's "Text Components" tool (the "hyp_Website Text" table).
For professional html styling, prefer the code editor upon the "word processor".

IF you are going to use Hyper's html pages, then setup these basic content items, right now:
Content ID (English) Description
Footer_Credits_eng Footer copyright, any legal notes, company / brand name.
Footer_Links_eng list of html A (tag) links, they will appear as "button like" (css style). Examples for content:
<a target="_blank" href="">About Us</a>
<a target="_blank" href="Media/contract.pdf">Legal Contract</a>

Language Code of the Content ID

Each Content ID should also include a language code (3 letters) at the end.
"_eng" for English; "_rus" for Russian; "_heb" for Hebrew; "_arb" for Arabic; and so on... see hyper client manual for more information.

Step 4. Use Hyper's Translation system for Multi Language settings

Instead building dozens of setup tables... We use 'Override SYE Captions' to register some of our settings inside it.
Once the string is set, the web-app enable that functionality and present titles and links according to the user language (restart is needed).

For example, read the following 5 captions:
Copy-paste from here
Multi language content should be
Sign in For customizing any button caption... just copy-paste the button caption to hyper's search box. If you find it, then you can modify it.
Personal Area of Every page header contain the text "Personal Area of" + [client name]. You can custom translate this caption, hyper client does not use it.
Page does not exists This is the H1 title of the default fault page.
It is an example for how you can copy-paste every string and customize it thru the translation system.
You can contact SYE support team to get strings from the web-app code, for extreme customization.
Please be patient until the end of the file uploading This is the message on the file upload pop-up animation. If you need to customize it...

Client Record Customization - Deprecated on NEW hyper

The following fields can be defined in the client record (spare fields), according to the implemented modules:
Field Title Description
Website Blocked Functions In order to prevent users from watching selected pages (tabs) of the website, follow the next steps:
  1. Create a new "Spare Group Strfld" field, in the client card. Name the field "Website Blocked Functions".
  2. In the "Spare Field Customization", define the editor type as "Group Select".
  3. The language of this field must be defined as English (in the "Default String & Value List" tab, choose "NO" in the "Local Lang" field).
  4. In the "Values List" field, fill in the names of the website tabs. Each of the following tabs should be written in a different row:
    (you can Copy and Paste from this box)
    Account Overview
    Personal Information & Password
    Upload Documents
    Internal Mail
    Customer Service
    Closed Trades Report
    Monetary TP Report
    Open Trades Report
    Journal Report
    About the Contact Persons - use the English strings you set in the "Main Configuration" form on server side.
  5. Add the "Website Blocked Functions" field to the client form visible fields.
TP Client Name
English Client Name
In case you want to control the TP account name
Hedge Fund TP Login This field link the investor (client record) to the corporate investment account.
TP Login
TP Balance
TP Equity
TP Last Update
When connecting hyper to a Trading Platform, these fields are mandatory.
TP Group
TP Margin
TP Margin Free
TP Margin Level
When connecting hyper to a Trading Platform, these fields can be displayed on the website.
Demo TP Login
Demo TP Group
Demo TP Balance
Demo TP Equity
When connecting hyper to a DEMO Trading Platform, these fields can be displayed on the website.
Approved Credit IF the 'TP Credit Line' feature is enabled (by default), then this field from the client record will be renamed and used as "TP Account Credit"