Installation on the Web Server

On this page we will cover the installation process and customizing CSS/JS/Images, on the server operating system.
All of our server side applications designed to work on Microsoft Windows x64 platform, and for securing the system administration, we deliver the Admin UI from the application (.exe file) itself.
When you wish to run the web-app in Configuration Mode, run it with the parameter -setup, then the Admin UI form will appear on the screen.
Tip: For customizing content/css/js you can run another copy of the web app - on your local computer...

Installation Process

In order to install the website application, follow these steps:
  1. Run the "SYE Software - Support & Setup" application.
  2. Click on "Server Side Applications" button (on the left), and select "Hyper Website API" item from the list (on the right).
    Click the Continue button.
  3. Select the right folders path to install and click the DOWNLOAD & INSTALL button.
    Please note: no shortcuts will be created for the website application.
  4. We are recommending to install the web-apps in a convenient path for you to access and edit the files, as needed.
    Make sure there are READ AND WRITE PRIVILEGES on the web-app folder, including sub folders.
    It is mostly recommended to use SSD, because most of the disk activity is to read files (serve to browsers).
    After installing the application, the following files will be found in folder:
    File Name Description
    Hyper_Website_API.exe "SYE Hyper Website API" itself. The whole application in one file (ms windows executable).
    Appl_Self_Upgrade.exe Self restart and self upgrade utility (ms windows executable).
    ChilkatDelphi.dll 3rd party library, used by SYE software for TLS and Crypto tools.
    Copyright 2000-2020 Chilkat Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
    SYE_Hyper_RAP.Trans Original multi language translations for the whole Hyper applications. Open source CSS, JS and Font files from SYE software. This is part of the app source code. Default media files from SYE software.
  5. Connect to SYE hyper database: Copy a single .lic file to the primary folder.
  6. Run the application for the first time. It will load in Setup mode and display a dialogs for the mandatory settings.
    In the background the app will create a folder named "HTTP" and extract the zip files content into it.
  7. Install SYE HTTP server, if not done already, and then register the domain string and link it to the web-app HTTP (root) folder.
    Both "WebApp" AND "WebApp Root Page" MUST be set to YES !

Main Configuration

On setup mode, this window will pop-up first:
SYE Web-API ini file popup
These fields are saved in the file "Hyper_Website_API.ini" (UTF-8 encoding), you can edit the file yourself and then restart the web-app...
Field Name Description
Hyper Username Application user name on SYE Server network (according to the .lic file).
For the OLD hyper app (pink) "publish" buttons to work, start this user name with the string "website_" and then whatever on your mind.
For example "Website_English" or "Website_Android_Json"...
Custom Hyper Database IP In case the DB server is hidden inside a private network.
Website Http URL Pure Domain Name (usually sub domain).   For example:,   Do not write "http" or slash.
Working Under TLS
  • NO - allow open http protocol: allow open http protocol, good for local dev setup.
  • YES - only encrypted comm allowed: make the web-app to ignore any request on a simple socket.
    The browser will get a 'HTTP/1.1 303 See Other' response and will be routed to the https:// + [Website HTTP URL] address.
This Domain Purpose This field is critical for the functionality of this domain (web-app):
  • Default Hyper Web: This is the default value. All modules work together except the Knowledge Base that cannot collaborate with other modules.
  • Data Port Only: This option will only create the Data port module (inc Marketing_API). Use this option if you don't want to use hyper web portal.
  • Knowledge Base: This option will only create the Knowledge Base module. When you need KB and Hyper web, just install twice, with 2 domains.
    for example:
    install one instance of the web app with the domain for "Default Hyper Web".
    install another instance of the web app with the domain for "Knowledge Base".
  • API mode (no HTML): Same like the first option, but without HTML pages. Any call to HTML address will be answered as "No Page".
Treasury Station ID Value for receipts and refunds created by this web-app. Value may be Zero.
Default TP Data Source When implementing a Broker / CFD web-app, This field is mandatory and prevent the app from loading if it is empty.
In case of multiple platforms on the same database, this field value, declare the default platform to open new account.
Knowledgebase Media Upload to When working with KB module, this is the folder where the screen shots and ext files (like PDF) are stored.
This folder should be the same as the "Common Media Path" on the web server.
Client Spec ID IF you have this field, this means you got a Custom Dev Web-App from sye software. In this case you will get your Spec number from us.

The HTTP folder

All http transactions can be divided into 2 groups:
  1. Active content Html / json, from the web-app (by net socket, so disk usage).
  2. Media files / css / js / fonts download (server to browser) - sye HTTP server will read these files from disk (SSD mostly recommended).
    These files are stored in a Sub folder named "HTTP" (relative to "Hyper_Website_API.exe" path).

Underneath the "HTTP" folder you will find sub folders that reflect to the http get file protocol.
Let us describe each folder's content and management:
Folder Name Description
CSS Contain css files, fonts, and images for the UI buttons.
Do NOT change this content!   It is part of the Hyper web app and managed by SYE software.
On self updates, the "" will be exported into this folder.
JS Javascript files. We are using jQuery libraries that comes with it's own css and image files.
The file "sye.js" contain the code from SYE software for the UI logics.
Do NOT change this content!   It is part of the Hyper web app and managed by SYE software.
On self updates, the "" will be exported into this folder.
Media Client media (logo, menu buttons, styling etc) is stored on this folder.
You can change the image files in this folder and add your own.
Only after installation (once), the file "" will be extracted into this folder.
These are the Default media files from SYE software. from that point you can modify it.
Media\CSS Client custom css for changing the HTML design. Create only the files you need.
These are the possible file names:
Custom_LTR.css     Custom_LTR_PC.css     Custom_LTR_Mobile.css
Custom_RTL.css     Custom_RTL_PC.css     Custom_RTL_Mobile.css
Text direction by user language: LTR = Left to Right; RTL = Right to Left;
PC is the default; Mobile when browser details are from Android / iOS.
Media\JS Client custom javascript for changing the HTML UI logics, OR adding animation etc.
File name should be custom.js and you can loan any other js library from it.
EMail Body Related Images This folder will be created automatically by the web-app on the first time you run it.
Any file you place here will be attached to Outgoing mail messages, IF the file name is written on Msg Body (like images as cid).

* All fonts, javascript and image files delivered from SYE, are under a free use license or under a proprietary license held by SYE software.