The documents page is used for uploading the required documents of a client (as defined in the Attachments & Templates), and save it to the client file in Hyper.
It allows the client to upload, view and delete the documents.
The url of this page is: DOMAIN/Docs.

Upload Documents

Web Page Structure

Web Page Header

The header is defined as Static Text Element (html code editor) content Docs_Page_Header_Eng
Please note - It is recommended to include the H1 tag of html, for the title of the Web Page Header content. Use the HTML code of the content, to add links to the required documents folders (e.g Indenture contract).

Required Documents Section

This section displays a list of required documents, as defined in the Attachments & Templates, in the "Document Folders list" field. This definition also sets the order of the folders in the list. Each row of the list includes the folder name and a "Choose file" button, as well as a list of the exist uploaded files, their details and a "Preview File Content" button.

Upload Files

The following title will be displayed for all error messages of the documents upload system: "File Upload Malfunction".
This message will be translated to the interface language.

When pressing the "Choose File" button, the system executes the following actions:

  1. Only files with the following extensions are allowed to be uploaded: JPG,JPEG,PNG,PDF,TIF,TIFF,DOC/X.
    The error message for uploading a different file will be:
    "You cannot upload files with an Extention other than: JPG,JPEG,PNG,PDF,TIF,TIFF,DOC/X."
  2. The maximal file size to upload is 50MB. The error message for uploading heavier file will be:
    "You cannot upload files where the size is more then 50 mega bytes."
  3. For any received error message that includes #1 / #2 / #5 / #6, please contact our support team. These errors indicate for low level errors.
  4. The details of the uploaded document are saved in the hyp_Attachments Log table.
  5. The Chosen file is uploaded to the relevant folder of the client documents.
  6. The following error message indicates that there was an incident with the system database:
    'There was an error accessing the database. Wait a few seconds and try again'.
    In this case, it is recommended to log-out and log-in again.
  7. The uploaded File record is displayed under the relevant folder name. For each upload file, the following buttons are available:
    • Preview File Content - display a preview of the uploaded file, in the browser.
    • Delete File - This button deletes the file from the display.


When pressing the "Preview File Content" button, the following process will be executed:

  1. The system searches for the file name in the required folder.
  2. A new page will be displayed ('Download_Doc'), with the name of the required file, which is received as a parameter.
  3. If the file name can not be found, an error message will be displayed in this page accordingly.
  4. This action will be added as a new record to the "Website Usage Log" table.

Delete File

This button is available only during the session of uploading the file (This option is disabled after logging out).
The file will be removed to the "Deleted by Client" folder of the client documents. This folder will be automatically created when deleting an uploaded file for the first time. A successful delete record will be added to the "Website Usage Log" table.

When trying to delete a file in a new session, an error message will be displayed.

Content Management in Hyper

Build this content in Hyper's Static Text Element tool, using the HTML editor. To learn more click here.
Purpose Content ID Available Fields
The title for the documents uploading page. Docs_Page_Header_1033 None
The content for the contact support pop-up. Contact_Support_pop-up_1033 None


If you wish to build and use your own html, and work with a "Server 2 Server API", click here.