Public Service Ticket

This is the "Contact us" page, to receive a public messages / requests from not registered clients.
Every form that is posted, will create a new Service Ticket record in Hyper.
The url of this page is: DOMAIN/Public_Service_Ticket.

Web Page Structure

The header is defined as Static Text Element (HTML code editor), content Public_Service_Ticket_Header_1033.
The list of form fields for this web page, is static! except the field "Public Website Ticket Title", which will be visible after it was customized from Hyper's "Field Rules".
A captcha verification is always included, to prevent system overflow by spammers.
Below the "Create Service Ticket" button you can add more html text... by content code Public_Service_Ticket_Footer_1033.
The footer can be used for displaying additional information or contact details.

Create a Service Ticket Button

When pressing this button, the following tests process will be executed by the system. The process will be stopped when failing a test and an error message will be displayed accordingly.
  1. The system checks whether the mandatory fields are filled.
  2. Captcha - The system checks and verifies the captcha code without case sensitivity.
  3. Email Address - The system checks whether the Email address is valid.
  4. Client Search - The system search for an exist client with the Email or Phone number (if received). If the system finds a match, this created service ticket will be related to this client card.
  5. A new record of 'Public Service Ticket', will be added to the "SYE_Website Usage Log" table.
  6. A confirmation popup message is displayed on browser.
  7. A confirmation Email is sent to the client. An Email message with the content New_ServiceTicket_on_Website_1033.
  8. Behind the scene, the WebApi_Public_Service_Ticket event is being fired...

Content Management in Hyper

Build this content in Hyper's "WEB API Static Text Elements" tool, using the HTML editor.
It is recommended to start with an H1 html title and then to write some guidance.
Purpose Content ID Available Fields / Notes
The title for the "contact us" page,
for not registered clients.
Public_Service_Ticket_Header_1033 None
Additional information or contact details to
add to the bottom of the "contact us" page.
Public_Service_Ticket_Footer_1033 None
An Email message for opening a new public service ticket on the website. New_ServiceTicket_On_Website_1033 Mail message can include the following fields:
{#Ticket} Service ticket number.
{#Client_Full_Name} Public name field (Html form), even if hyper link the ticket to a client, it does not expose it here.
{#Subject}The Title of the service ticket, IF implemented.
{#Content}Main ticket content.


If you wish to build your own html, use "Server 2 Server API".