Public Service Ticket API

This is the API of the "Public Service Ticket" page, also called "Contact Us". Use http post to pass the fields into the function. Response returned as json string.
In order to use the Registration API, call the Public_Service_Ticket_json url.

Function Input

Field Name Description Mandatory field
ComplainerName Name of the applicant on the website. No
SubjectComplain The content of the received application. Yes
ReturnToPhone The Phone number of the applicant. No
ReturnToEmail The Email address of the applicant. Yes
PublicWebsiteTicketTitle The Title of the service ticket, IF implemented. No
field "Public Website Ticket Title", which will be visible after it was customized from Hyper's "Field Rules".

Functions Error Messages

Code Content
3 API function does not exists.
4 Database Error on server side.
5 Technical Error on server side.
7 Please fill up all the required fields.
10 User is already connected on this session (Logged in).
50 E-mail address: (EMail Field Content) is not valid.

Message Examples

Posted Http Form:
For successfully public service ticket creation, the following message will be received:
If any error occurs, the following message format will be received:
{"ResponseCode":"010","ResponseMsgEng":"User is already connected on this session (Logged in)"}

Nice trick to get Function fields list:

Here is an example for the "Public_Service_Ticket_json" function: SYE Hyper WebApi Public_Service_Ticket_json To get this list, call this function only with "ApiToken" value.
Watch carfully at lines: 12, 13, 44, 45 - they are the fields from the function input above.