Monitary TP Commands

The Monitery Trading Platform Commands page of the web site is an informative page. It displays the trading commands of the platform (Deposit / Withdrawal), for required dates and accounts. The data is received from the hyp_Trading System Commands table.

The url of this page is: DOMAIN/Monetary_TP_Commands_Report.

Monitary TP Commands

Web Page Structure

Web Page Header

The header is defined as Static Text Element (HTML code editor) content Monetary_TP_History_Report_Header_1033.
Please note - It is recommended to include the H1 tag of html, for the title of the Web Page Header content.

Filter Fields Section

There are three default filter fields:

  • From Close Date / Until Close Date.
  • For Account - this field is available for clients with multiple accounts. According to the definition of the "Website Type Purpose" field as CFD Broker (1), in the Main Configuration file, The list of the accounts "TP Login" will be displayed. Else, The client number will be displayed.

Report Output

There are two tables in this section. The first displays the records of deposits and withdrawals for the required dates and accounts. The second table displays the summary of the commands as well as the calculated balance.

Execute Report Button

  1. A query is executed on the hyp_Trading System Commands table, according to the filter fields.
  2. The system searches for all of the records with a Command of Deposit or Withdrawal, with a Status 'OK'.
  3. The page displays two data tables:
    • Deposit & Withdrawal records table.
    • Entries summary and balance. The summary is calculated for each currency separately.
    The currency field is taken from the "Use Currency by Default" field, of the client card.
  4. A new Monetary_TP_Commands_Report record is created in the SYE_Website Usage Log table.

Content Management in Hyper

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The title of the Monitary TP Commands report page. Monetary_TP_History_Report_Header_1033 None