Incoming Messages API

This is the API of the Registration page. Use http post to pass the fields into the function. Response returned as json table string.
In order to use the Registration API, call the DOMAIN/Inbox_json url.

Function Input

The "Action" parameter (http field), allows the programmer to manipulate the inbox, as follows:

Action Value Description
No Parameters Automatic refresh, once in every 10 minutes.
Action=Get_All_Messages Query the whole inbox without any condition.
Action=Get_Unread_Messages Query the inbox for unread messages.
Action=Mark_Read_Message&Key=1 Mark a single message as read.
This action requires a second parameter: "Key" which contains the message number from the list. First message numerated as 1, etc.
Action=Delete_Message&Key=1 Delete a single message.
This action requires the parameter "Key" as described above.

Functions Error Messages

Response Code Message in English
3 API function does not exists.
4 Database Error on server side.
5 Technical Error on server side.
6 Technical Error: Client Session not found.
7 Please fill up all the required fields.

Report Function Output

 "Title": "Inbox",
 "TableName": "hyp_Website Mail to Clients",
 "RowCount": "1",
 "Data": [
  "CreatedOn": "2015-11-02 13:02:21",
  "MessageSubject": "Welcome to our API",
  "MessageBody": "We hope it is comfortable for you to work with us",
  "BiDiMode": "0",
  "UserReadMessageOn": "2016-08-08 12:32:53",
  "Key": "1"