Document Titles in Sequence

This report gathers and displays the required formal documents, according to the selected dates, agencies and client details. The information of this report is also available in the Sales Overview tab.

Document titles in sequence


The report includes the following documents: Tax Invoices, Receipts, Credit Tax Invoices, Refunds. In the opened window, choose the required documents, clients dates and agencies for the report.

Report Output

The report is displayed as follows:

  • The required documents are displayed in different tables (according to the document title).
  • The documents records are displayed in a chronological order, according to the origin production time.
  • Canceled documents and their details will also be displayed in the report and will be marked with a red background.
  • In case of multiple results for the required client full name, the documents records of all of these clients will be displayed.
  • At the bottom of each table, the summary of the documents and total amount of the documents will be displayed.
  • The following buttons are available at the bottom: Print, Send by Email, Export PDF.

Documents Titles in sequence report