Economic Cycle by Agency

This reports gathers and displays all of the deals and receipt items, for the services and goods that have been provided to the customer, in the selected dates and for each of the agencies.

Economic Cycle by Agency

Report Output

The report is displayed as follows:

  • The first page of the report displays the data summary for all of the agencies. the following pages of the report will display each of the agencies separately.
  • For each of the agencies, the following tables are displayed:
    1. Tax Invoice and Credit Tax Invoice summary.
    2. Receipts and Refunds summary, according to the receipt item (Cash / Credit Card / Bank Transfer / Cheque).
    3. Credit cards receipts and refunds summary, according to the credit card brands.
  • The amount of receipts and its relative percentage from the total amount of receipts will be displayed (marked in red), in each of the receipts rows.

Economic Cycle by Agency output