Export All Data to .csv

When choosing this option, the reports of the Tax Invoices, Receipts and Refunds will be saved.

Export All Data to .csv

In the opened window, fill in the required dates for the reports and choose the required agency. After pressing the OK (F6) button, choose the required path for saving the files. The following files will be saved:

  • Credit_Invoice_Headers - The credit invoices reports. This report includes the client details, and credit invoices details.
  • Invoice_Headers - The Tax Invoices reports. The file includes the tax invoice number, the clients details and the production details.
  • Receipt_Headers - The receipts report. The file includes the clients details as well as the receipt details and items.
  • Receipt_Items - This report also includes the receipts payment details, currency, total amount, cheques numbers and credit cards brands.
  • Refund_Headers - The refunds report. This report also includes the refund document details, the total amount the sales agent details.
  • Refund_Items - This is a refund report that includes the refunds details, refund items, currency, total amount, payments, cheques numbers and credit card brands.

The above information is also available in the following reports:

  • Document Titles in Sequence. For further information, click here.
  • Receipts and Refunds with Items. For further information, click here.
  • Economic Cycle. For further information, click here.