Bulk Journal Account Printing

This tool Allows to export and print the journal of selected accounts. The report displays all of the bookkeeping entries for the required dates and selected accounts. The report does not include the canceled entries.

Bulk Journal Account Printing

Execute Report

In order to execute he report and print / export it, follow the next steps:

  • Select the required accounts by using the check boxes.
  • Select the required dates for the report, in the From Date / Till Date fields.
  • Multi Currency - this option is available for organizations with a bookkeeping definitions of "Multi Currency" mode.
  • Include opening balance - define whether to add the opening balance at the top of each account journal.
  • Hide bundled entries - define whether to hide the bundled entries and display only the not bundled entries.
  • Press the Execute Report (F6).

As default, the Export Data button is active, and when executing the report, an excel file of the accounts journal will be created. Alternatively, press this button again to cancel the data export and press the Execute Report (F6) button to display a print preview of the report.

The list of clients is displayed in chronological order and according to the client / account name. Problematic accounts will be marked with red background and exceptional account will be marked with yellow background (e.g clients that do not need to pay the VAT).