Journal Entries List Report

The report displays all of the journal entries according to selected dates, document type and creation details.

Journal Entries List Report

Report Definitions

In order to execute the report, fill in the filter fields according to the requirements:

  • From / Till creation time - select the required journal entry creation time frame.
  • From / Till Date - select the required time frame of the journal entry.
  • Entry ID - select the range of journal entries, according to the entries number.
  • Reference Document Type - select the required documents to be included in the report.
  • Created By - Choose the creator name of the required journal entries.

Report Output

The report is displayed in a chronological order, and according to the journal entry number. The details of each entry will be displayed and will include the account debit and credit sections details, as well as notes for the entry, as follows:

  • In journal entries with multiple rows, all of the data will be displayed in the Credit / Debit section, according to the original entry.
  • Batch of entries will be marked with yellow background. In this case, the "Batch from" and "Batch Until" will be displayed.
  • Cancelled entries will be marked with red background. In this case, the cancellation details will be displayed.