Current Inventory Level

This report displays the current inventory level for the Purchasing and Stockrooms managers. If no filter is selected, the report displays the whole inventory level of the organization, and includes all of the products and stockrooms.

Current Inventory Level

Filter fields

The displayed window allows to select the required criteria for the report:

Field Title Description
Catalogic Number Choose a specific product, to check its inventory level.
Stockroom Choose a specific stockroom, to check the current inventory in it.
Section Choose a specific section of the selected stockroom , to check the inventory in this section only.
Stockroom Type Select the required stockroom type, to display the inventory of all of the stockrooms of this type only.
Agency Select the required agency to display its inventory only.

Report Output

The report displays the inventory, according to the selected filters. The report also displays a negative inventory, which is marked with a different background in the quantity field. The selected filters will be displayed at the top of the report.

Current Inventory Level Report