Reorder Recommendation

This tool was designed for checking the remained inventory and provide a recommendation for reorder products and items. The quantities for the recommendation are calculated according to the defined "Safety Stock Level" of the product and the current inventory. The report displays only products that require a reorder.

Reorder Recommendation

Required fields in the product card

In order to execute the report, the following fields definitions are required in the product card:

  • Safety Stock Level
  • PP&C Handling Type
  • Reorder Default Amount
  • Unit of Purchase
  • Ratio Measurement for Purchase - Any product can be sold in a different quantity than it was purchased. In this field, define the ratio measure between the quantities of the purchase and the sell.

Filter Fields

Field Title Description
Catalogic Number The catalogic number of the required product for the recommendation. Leave this field empty to display the reorder recommendation for all of the products.
Part of Product Name / Group Fill in part of the product name or its group, to display the reorder recommendations for all of the products that include the required string.

Report Output

The report displays the list of products that require a reorder, as well as the missing quantity and the purchase cost.

Reorder Recommendation report