Create New Employee Card

The process of creating a new employee / user card in Hyper, is executed by the system administrator, and according to the following steps:

  1. Create a new user card. Use the Create Employee / User / Public Resource wizard. For further information about this wizard, click here.

    When creating the Employee / User / Public Resource card, fill in the personal details of the employee and define the Hyper user name (if required), as well as the password and the user authorizations. After created, the personal details of the employee and the defined authorizations can be modified by the system administrator.

  2. Modify Personal Details. After created, the "Personal Details" tab of the user card will be displayed. This tab gathers all of the employee details, as have been defined during its creation. In this tab, pay attention to the following fields:
    • Personal Details - Pay attention to the identification fields, contact details and Full Bank Account.
    • Agency and Department / Category - Use these fields to relate the employee to the relevant department in Hyper, for the organization internal usage and for relating the employee to the relevant department authorizations. Although these fields are optional, it is recommended to update the relevant department for the employees.
    • Translation File - Hyper allows to define the interface language for each of the users, according to his/her preferences.
    • Enable Meeting Summary Nagger - Hyper allows the department managers to force the employee to report a meeting summary after every meeting. This option is usually used for statistic reports as well as for following the employees productivity. In this field, define the deadline for reporting the meeting summary. A popup announcement will be displayed for the employee as reminder.
    • Enable Alerts - Define for which of the functions and activities, the user receives alerts (Tasks, meetings, Phone calls).
    For further information click here.
  3. Employment Details - For efficiency consideration, Hyper allows to copy the employment details from exist employee card to a new one.
    • Employment Details and Hyper definitions - Hours per Shift, Extra Hours, Daily Breaks, Team Calendar Color and limitations for meetings number of participants.
    • Shifts Layout - The defined working days and hours of the employee.
    • Irregular Shifts - reports of the different hours shift, Sick days and vacation days.
    For further information click here.
  4. Authorizations Definition. This tab allows to define the user authorizations in Hyper, as well as the Email Account Definitions and the access authorizations to other users Calendars and Mailboxes.
    • Hyper Authorizations - Acess authorizations for client cars, suppliers, calendars, mailboxes, system fundamentals, data copy-paste and the authorization for money withdraw beyond account balance.
    • EMail Account - The definitions for the internal / external mail boxes servers.
    • Extended Authoraization Rules - The personal authorizations for reading and editing other users calendars and mail boxes.
    For further information click here.