CFD Broker - Account Overview

This is the primary page of the web site, for traders, that will be displayed as the default page for logged in users.
The url for this page is: Domain/portal.


Web page Structure

Web Page Header

The header of this page is defined as Static Text Element (HTML code editor) content Standard_TP_Portal_Header_1033.
Please note - It is recommended to include the H1 tag of html, for the title of the Web Page Header content.

Real Accounts Section

The Real Accounts table in this section, displays all of the client real accounts and their data, taken from Hyper tables. This table will be displayed only if there are real accounts exist. The "Account Name" field will be displayed for multiple accounts only.

Demo Accounts Section

The Demo Accounts Table in this section, displays the client demo accounts. This table will be displayed, only if there is at least one exists Demo account.

Online Payment Platforms & Action Buttons

The title of this section is fixed and can not be modified.

Online Clearing Platform.
This section displays the available clearing platforms (deposit money via credit card). These links of the clearing platforms are displayed according to the definitions of the "Enable Deposit C.C. Page" field, of the website Main Configuration file. A link will be created and displayed for each defined clearing platform. For further information about the clearing services providers and pages, please read the Online Payments Interface page.
This button redirect the user to the required clearing service provider. This is an example for payment services (electronic wallet). The system also supports Skrill and other providers. For further information, please read the Deposit by Credit Card - 3rd Secured Technology page.
Bank Transfer Upload or Notification.
This button opens the "Upload Bank Transfer Document", which allows to upload a formal statement, received for executing a bank transfer. For further information, please click here.
This option is displayed according to the "Enable Withdraw Request Page" field, in the Main Configuration File. For further information Click Here.
Upload Your Document - This is a fixed button, as long as this option (Upload Documents page) is defined as available for the user. For further information, please click here.
If there is no Real Trading Account, this button will be displayed. If the "Allow to create multiple TP Real accounts" field of the Main Configuration file is defined as "True", This button will be available for opening additional real accounts (maximum of 5 real trading accounts per user). This button leads to the New Trading Account page.
New Demo Account - If the trading platform which the website refers to allows Demo Accounts, this button will be displayed (only if there is no exists demo account). This button leads to the New Demo Account page.

Tradin Platforms Links

By using a designated Static Text Element content, according to the required trading platform, additional links can be added to this section.

In order to add the required links, define the Static Text Element content according to the required trading platform, as follows:
MT4: Standard_TP_Portal_MT4_Links_1033.
CTrader: Standard_TP_Portal_CTrader_Links_1033.
Please note - the links will be displayed according to the relevant trading platform of the website.

The Html Code of the content for the links should be defined as the following example:

<a class="Main_Ext_Link_Item" target="_blank" href="http://download.File.Link"> <img src="media/TP_DownloadMt4Pc_Btn.png"> </a>

Please note - The class of the links must be "Main_Action_Item". It is allowed to add as many links as required.

Content Management in Hyper

Build this content in Hyper's Static Text Element tool, using the HTML editor. To learn more press here.
Purpose Content ID Available Fields
The title of the Account Overview page. Standard_TP_Portal_Header_1033 None
The links for the requred Clearing platforms & action buttons section


Please note - The name of the trading platform should be modified in the content ID, according to the relevant trading platform.