Online Payments Interface

This module designed for E-commerce and Deposit funds into an account (Fintech, Shopping budget etc).
It provides four optional solutions:
  1. Credit Card clearing by using Server to Server communication.
    The primary advantage of this option is that the client browser is not being transferred to other websites.
    The clearing activities are executed on a different machine.
    When you define multiple Clearing Service Providers, Hyper can automatically chooses the better and preferred SP according to the client country, Credit Card brand etc.
    Hyper may try multiple gateways until payment succeed !

    Please note: the credit card details will not be saved on the web server ("PCI DSS Complaint"). These details are broadcasted immediately to the Database Server, which is a separated machine, and stored in an encrypted field.
    The hyper server delivers the details (via the RAM) to the clearing company (SP gateway), receives the confirmation and deliver it back to the website.
  2. Third Party Payments Services - PCS DSS providers and E-Wallets.
    By using this type of service, the browser is transferred to the SP server and then transferred back to the Portal, after receiving the confirmation / denial.
    Hyper database will receive transaction ID and a token for future Debit / Credit of that payment method.
  3. Bank Transfer Statement with uploaded document.
    The organization receives an immediate notification and a new service ticket is created, for each received statement.
    The received document and the following required activities for handling this statements, are manually managed in Hyper.
  4. Develope your own payment gateway and use hyper to do the rest.
    AT YOUR OWN RISK: Execute a function for producing a receipt, creating a journal entry and deposit to the TP / client account.
    Hyper cannot verify if the payment was really done "out there".


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes.
Hyper software is NOT Certified by a PCI company. There is no need for an ERP software to do that.
Instead, Hyper comply and following the technical directions of the PCI DSS.

About Server to Server communication

This process is described in the following Diagram:

Deposit by Credit Card - 3D Secured Technology

Use a PCI DSS Certified SP

This option is available when using "Deposit by Credit Card - 3D Secured Technology".
Hyper HTML engine will host a Certified provider IFrame or complete html page.
This process, as displayed in the browser, is described in the following Diagram:

Deposit by Credit Card - 3D Secured Technology

Hyper Ciphered Safe

Hyper can store a client credit card details for future Debit and Credit transactions.
The details are encrypted and stored in the 'hyp_Entity_Banking_and_Credit_Cards' table.
When using a credit card from that storage, the details are loaded by the Payment module, on a diffrent machine then the Web-API machine.
The credit card details cannot be exposed, since they are not loaded in the web application.
Inside hyper POS and receipt modules, the credit card digits are kept in secret. The user only see the last 4 digits of the card.