Withdrawal Funds from Trading Account

This page is displayed after pressing the Withdrawal Funds button, in the Account Overview page. Page url is: DOMAIN/TP_Withdraw_Funds.
In order to use this page (or it's API), the user must be connected to a session AND must have an independent trading account.
According to the website configuration, this page can also Execute an Withdrawal request on the Trading Platform itself.

Withdrawal Funds from Trading Platform (SYE Hyper web portal)

Web Page Structure

Web Page Header

The header is defined as Static Text Element (HTML code editor), content TP_Withdraw_Funds_Header_1033.
Please note:
  • It is recommended to include the H1 tag of html, for the title of the Web Page Header content.
  • For clients with multiple trading accounts, you should write a note about selecting the Accoung.

Accounts Table

This table displays the accouns of the user, as well as their details, Balance and Equity. The withdrawal will be made for the selected account in this table.

Withdrawal Details Section

The fields in this section are mandatory and refer to the selected account only. Additional mandatory fields will be displayed for choosing the "Bank Transfer" payment method.

Please note - The available payment methods are displayed according to the definitions in the "Enable Withdraw Request Page" field, of the Main Configuration file.

Make a Withdraw Button

Once pressing the Make a Withdraw button, the following tests process will be executed by the system:

  1. Fields Validation. The system checks whether the mandatory fields are filled. A note will be displayed next to any missing or wrong field content.
  2. Equity and Balance check. The system verifies that the required withdrawal amount is between the minimum defined value of 3 (Local Currency) to the maximal value of the Balance / Equity.
    Please note. The maximal value to withdraw is the Lower between these two values.
  3. Service Ticket. According to the withdrawal request, a new service ticket is created and displayed in the "Customer Service" tab.
  4. An Email Message is sent to the client. An Email content New_Withdrawal_Request_on_Website_1033 will be sent to the main client email address (as described in the next section).

Content Management in Hyper

Build this content in Hyper's Static Text Element tool, using the HTML editor. To learn more click here.
Purpose Content ID Available Fields
The title for Withdrawal page. TP_Withdraw_Funds_Header_1033 None
An Email message due to Withdrawal. New_Withdrawal_Request_on_Website_1033 This message can include the following fields:
  • Client full name (in the local language).
    If the name was typed in English, then this name will be displayed in the message.
    {#Client_Full_name} {#Eng_Client_Full_Name}
  • {#TP_Account}
  • The message / Request for the withdrawal. {#Content}
  • The required Withdrawal Amount. {#Amount}
  • {#Currency}
  • {#TP_Balance}
  • {#TP_Equity}
  • {#TP_DateTime}
  • The selected payment method.{#PaymentMethod}