Server to Server Payment Page

This page is displayed after choosing to deposit money by credit card. The primary advantage of this option is that the client browser is not being transferred to other websites during the process, and all of the clearing activities are executed on a different designated machines. This clearing process uses the clearing system of Hyper.

This option is available according to the definition of the "Enable Deposit C.C. Page" field of the Main Configuration file. Select either the "Hyper Infrastructure" or "Hyper Ciphered Safe" to make it available. The clearing process for these options is based on server to server infrastructure, as described in the Hyper Infrastructure section below.

Deposit by Credit Card

Web Page Structure

Web Page Header

The header is defined as Static Text Element (HTML code editor), content TP_Deposit_by_Hyper_System_Header_1033.
Please note - It is recommended to include the H1 tag of html, for the title of the Web Page Header content.

Accounts Table

This table displays the accounts of the user (available in case of multiple exist accounts), as well as their details, Balance and Equity. The deposit will be made for the selected account in this table.

Deposit Details Section

The fields in this section are mandatory and refer to the selected account only. The credit card details are encrypted and secured in Hyper server, and are transferred to the relevant Credit Card company server.

Make a Deposit Button

Once pressing the Make a Deposit button, the following process will be executed by the system:

  1. Fields Validation. The system checks whether the mandatory fields are filled. A note will be displayed next to any missing or wrong field content.
  2. Data Encryption. The system encrypts the credit card details and broadcast these details immediately to the Database Server, which is a separated machine. The hyper server delivers the details (via the RAM) to the relevant Credit Card company server.
  3. Confirmation Message. If the deposit is successfully executed, a confirmation message will be received. Else, an error message will be displayed.
  4. Trading platform updates. If there is any connected trading platform, it will be synchronized and updated accordingly.

Content Management in Hyper

Build this content in Hyper's Static Text Element tool, using the HTML editor. To learn more click here.
Purpose Content ID Available Fields
The title for Deposit page. TP_Deposit_by_Hyper_System_Header_1033 None


If you wish to build and use your own html, and work with a "Server 2 Server API", click here.