Upload Bank Transfer Document

This page is displayed after choosing to upload a Bank Transfer formal document. This page is used by the client to report a bank transfer, and creates an internal service ticket for the organization with the bank transfer general details. Uploaded files of this bank transfer are saved in the CRM client card documents and an internal message is sent for all of the relevant employees, to verify and validate the bank transfer and update it in the system.

Upload Bank Transfer Document

Web Page Structure

Web Page Header

The header is defined as Static Text Element (HTML code editor), content TP_Bank_Transfer_Upload_Header_1033.
Please note - It is recommended to include the H1 tag of html, for the title of the Web Page Header content. This table displays the accounts of the user, as well as their details, Balance and Equity. The deposit will be made for the selected account in this table.

Accounts Table

This table displays the accounts of the user, as well as their details, Balance and Equity. The deposit will be made for the selected account in this table.

Deposit Details Section

The "Total Amount" and "Currency" fields are mandatory.
The Bank Transfer Document upload can be defined as mandatory or optional, according to the company requirements. This definition is defined in the "Enable Deposit C.C. Page" field of the Main Configuration file. Choose the "Bank Transfer Upload" option to define it as mandatory, or choose "Bank Transfer Notification" to define it as optional (When choosing both options, this field is mandatory).
Please note - The above information refer to the selected account only.

Upload Bank Statement Button

Once pressing this button, the following process will be executed by the system:

  1. An immediate and urgent service tickets are created, as well as alert messages for all of the relevant responsible entities, that should verify and validate the bank transfer and update the transferred credit in the account promptly.

    The new service ticket will be displayed in the Customer Service tab and will be translated to the user language. The user will be automatically redirected to the customer service page.

    uploaded bank transfer document

  2. An internal message will be sent due to the new bank transfer ticket. The message includes the following general details of the bank transfer: Message Time (GMT/UTC), CRM Client Number, Trading Platform Account, Transferred Funds.
    Please note - in case of multiple accounts, the system refers as default to the account that the client used for the login. Therefore, service tickets will be created for this account. In that case, the document will be uploaded to the logged in account but the trading platform account that the deposit was related to will be mentioned in the service ticket.
    Also, the following message will be added to the new internal message:
    Pay Attention Please: The Service Ticket CRM record is diffrent than the TP account CRM record ! This client have multiple accounts.

  3. The uploaded document will be added to the "Bank Transfer from Website" folder, in the Documents tab of the Client card. The file name will automatically include the service ticket number.

    uploaded bank transfer document

Content Management in Hyper

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Purpose Content ID Available Fields
The title for the Bank Transfer Upload page. TP_Bank_Transfer_Upload_Header_1033 None


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