Server to Server Payment API

To debit (or credit) a Credit Card, use the CC_Payment_Hyper_GW_json function.
Card may be stored in Hyper's Ciphered safe. The credit feature depend on your SP permission.

Function Input

The function can run with part of this fields list, according to your goal:
Field Name Description
ClientNumber Hyper client card number. When missing, the Web-Api will select the connected client card (on session, after login).
CC_Token Stored CC in hyper can be used by it's ID field. The value is a Real number (like '42932.201168304899').
When missing, hyper will search for CC details in 3 fields (CardNumber, Validity, CVV).
TotalAmount * For DEBIT transaction, this field should contain a positive value (> 0).
For CREDIT transaction (refund), this field should contain a negative value (< 0).
Currency * The amount currency, must be supported by your SP.
CardNumber The credit card number.
Validity The credit card validity (MMYY).
CVV The 3 security digits of the credit card.
ConfirmationCode In some gateways, the credit card company or the bank need to give a confirmation code for large amounts.
This field is a String type.

Test if Stored CC is available

Run the function only 2 fields: ClientNumber and CC_Token, and you will get a confirmation or Error code 30.
Postman screen shot about the CC_Payment_Hyper_GW_json

Message Example

Posted Http Form:

Function Output

For successful transaction, the following message will be received:
  "ResponseCode": "032",
  "ResponseMsgEng": "Credit Card Transaction Approved.",
  "TotalAmount": "10.00",
  "Currency": "USD",
  "Last4Digits": "8293",
  "SP_BrandName": "Barclays",
  "BankReference": "98648263491",
  "ServiceFee": "0.16",
  "HyperReference": "ERP_500188_Snarn8"

If any error occurs, the following message format will be received:
  "ResponseCode": "031",
  "ResponseMsgEng": "Credit Card Clearing was failed.",
  "GWresultCode": "997",
  "GWresultText": "No answer received from the clearing server, Please contact support."

It can reply the generic codes: 3,4,5,7; or the following mission specific codes:
Response Code Message in English
30 Cannot use this (stored) payment method.
31 Credit Card Clearing was failed.
32 Credit Card Transaction Approved.