Bank Transfer API

This is the API of the Bank Transfer page. Use http post to pass the fields into the function. Response returned as json string.

In order to use the Bank Transfer API, call the DOMAIN/TP_Bank_Transfer_Upload_json url.

Get Available Account Details

At first, no parameters should be sent to the function, in order to receive the available accounts list for deposit as well as their details. The clients and account lists can be taken from TP_Deposit_By_Hyper_json or Get_Accounts_List_json.

Function Input

The Following fields must be posted (mandatory fields) when running the function for the required account:
Field Name Description
ClientNumber The client card number. If any wrong client number is received, an error message will be displayed accordingly.
TotalAmount The total required amount for the deposit.
Currency The required currency for the deposit.
FileUpload The required document to upload.

Functions Error Messages

Code Content
3 API function does not exists.
4 Database Error on server side.
5 Technical Error on server side.
6 Technical Error: Client Session not found.
7 Please fill up all the required fields.
22 Thank You. Your service call was received and will be processed as soon as possible.