TP Withdrawal Funds API

This is the API of the "Trading Account Withdrawal Funds" page.
Use http post to pass the fields into the function. Response returned as json string.
In order to use the API, call the TP_Withdraw_Funds_json url.

Function Input

Field Name Description

Functions Error Messages

Code Content
3 API function does not exists.
4 Database Error on server side.
5 Technical Error on server side.
6 Technical Error: Client Session not found.
7 Please fill up all the required fields.

Report Function Output

 "Title": "ServiceTickets",
 "TableName": "hyp_Service Ticket",
 "RowCount": "1",
  "Data": [
  "TicketNumber": "282",
  "Status": "1",
  "CreatedOn": "2016-08-08 12:54:38",
  "Title": "Sales Query",
  "SubjectComplain": "System Update query",
  "ClosedOn": "1899-12-30 00:00:00",
  "ComplainerFeedback": ""

If there are no service tickets, the following output will be received:

{"Title":"ServiceTickets","TableName":"hyp_Service Ticket","RowCount":"0","Data":""}