Edit Tools

The edit tools of Hyper are available in several areas of the system.

Edit tools

Please find below information about Hyper's edit tools:

Spell Check Spell Check of the content.
Image Tools & Additional Features This button gives the following options:
  • Insert Image from File - choosing an image to add to the message.
  • Capture Screen (Desktop) Image - attach a file of the screen image. Using this option will open a new window presenting the user's desktop. Left click on the mouse and drag the pointer to capture the reqired image frame.
  • Insert Image from Web - Enter http Address of the required Image.
  • Insert Hyperlink - insert the URL of the required webpage for the Hyperlink.
  • Set Background Image from File - Choose a file to define as background for this message.
  • Set Background Image from Web - Choose a background image from web by entering http Address of the required background. the Image will be replicated to fill the background.
  • Optimize Html NOW - Optimize the HTML content of the message.
  • Optimize Html on Save action - Automatically optimize the HTML content of the message.
  • Edit HTML code manually - This is the HTML code of the BODY with no HEAD tags. Therefore it should be done as "Inline Styling" method.
Table Tools Define the following settings for the table:
  • Number of Columns
  • Number of Rows
  • Border Coler
  • Backgound Color
  • Header Color
  • Whole Table Width
  • Fix Columns Width
Copy text style Copy the text style of the text.
Paste text style Use the copied text style for a marked content.
Undo / Redo the last action.
Text Foreground Color Choose the text foreground color.
Text Background Color Choose the text background color.
Insert Horizontal Line Insert horizontal crossing line under the text.
Text Direction Choose text direction.
Formatting Bullets / Numbers Add bullets or numbers to the text.
Align text Align the text to the right / center / left.
Text Design Use these buttons to design the text.
Font Choose font type and font size.