Email - Quick Start

System admin - for further information about the Email settings click here.


  1.   The inbox presents the incoming messages from the last 90 days.
  2.   Preview is available for any chosen message. Double click will open the message.
  3.   - New Message / - Important Message.
  4.   Action buttons on the right side of the screen are available when marking the check box of the "From" field.

Create Mail

  1.   The "Create Mail" button will open a "New Message" window.
  2.   Click the "Add Recipients" button.
  3.   Search and choose the required recipients and click the "OK" button.
  4.   Fill in the Subject and the content of the message.
  5.   Attachments - Choose attachments for the message.
  6.   Template - Choose a template for the message.
  7.   Click the Send Message button.

Search Mail

  1.   Click the Search Mail button.
  2.   Fill the relevant fields and click OK (F6).
Please note - the system will search the current marked Email box only (Inbox / Sent Items). The system will remain in "Search Mode" as long as the Search button is active. In order to cancel the "search mode" click the Search Mail button again and click Cancel.

Deleted Items

To view the deleted items, mark the check box Show Deleted.

Please note - only the deleted items of the current Email box will be presented. the system will remain in "Deleted Items Mode" as long as the checkbox is marked. All deleted messages are kept in the system archive.