Personal Calendar

The personal Calendar of Hyper, is an unique tool for managing the users schedule, that allows its users to view each others schedule, according to their Authorizations.

One of this tool's advantages is its automatic updating and synchronization with any change and update made in any of the employees schedule. This ability allows effective planning of meetings and tasks, while considering the schedule of the rest of the employees and managers. Also, this tool provides an easy and Immediate access to the Hyper cards of clients and suppliers that are mentioned in the calendar.

The personal calendar is adjusted to the needs of any company or organization and to any of its employees and managers. This is a very important and useful tool for tracking and recording the employees activity and for the coordination of the entire organization activity.

Personal Calendar


The main screen of the Personal Calendar presents the users meetings and plannings. The display of the personal calendar of Hyper is defined by the user and can be selected from the list at the left side of the screen:

  • 5 Days View
  • Week View
  • Month View
  • Consolidated view for Agency
  • Consolidated view for Department

Each square presents a meeting and its relevant information (can be edited by the system administrator). By pointing on a meeting square, a frame with its details will be presented and will include its subject, attendees, location, time and current status. The squares are presented according to the chosen display and are painted as follows:

  • Green - Confirmed meeting.
  • Yellow - Tentative meeting.
  • Red - Canceled meeting.
  • White - The shift time of the employee.
  • Purple - The pointed time square.
  • Dark Purple - Sick Day / Vacation Day.

Personal Calendar of the user - This field allows to view the personal calendar of any of the employees and managers on the list, according to the defined authorizations in the users employee card. If the user chooses the "Consolidated view for Agency" or "Consolidated view for Department", then the required agency or department should be chosen from the list in this field.

There are two action buttons in this screen:

today Show the current day.
Show Deleted Show the deleted meetings (Canceled). The deleted meetings will be presented as long as this button is active.

Quick start

The calendar system is very simple and can be easily operated.

Create a new meeting

In order to create a new meeting follow the next steps:
  1. Double click on the required time square.
  2. Fill in the relevant fields.
  3. Choose the required attendees and recipients by using the Add Recipients (F5) button.
  4. Click the Save button.
Please note - As default, an invitation will be sent to any of the attendees and recipients, as long as the Send invitations via Email button is active. Click on this button if you wish to cancel the automatic sending.

Confirm / Cancel meeting

  • Click on the required meeting square.
  • Choose the required Status.
  • Click the Save button.

More Options

By using the right button of the mouse, the following menu is available:
Edit Meeting Open an exist meeting for modifications.
New Meeting Create a new meeting.
Print Print the calendar according to the current display.
Print Meeting with Contacts Print a list of meetings on required dates.
Irregular Shifts Allows to modify the shifts time or update a Sick/Vacation days, according to authorizations.
System Administrator

Calendar Access Authorization

The system admin should define the users authorizations for the Calendar access. These definitions should be defined in the Authorization label of the Users Hyper card, in the following fields:
  • Team Calendar Access
  • Block user's Calendar Access by Default

Duty field definitions

The system Admin should define a duty fields for any new meeting. These fields should be defined in the Fields Rules window.

Special Dates & Holidays

In order to set the local Holidays and special dates in the Calendar, open the Agencies label of the System Fundamentals and choose the local calendar in the "Add to Calendars" field.

Weekend definition in the Calendar

In order to set the available working days in the calendar, open the "Agencies" label of the System Fundamentals and choose the required definition in the "Local Date Mask: Weekend on Fri-Sat" field:
  • YES - Five days view.
  • No - The calendar will include the weekend days.

Send Calendar Updates via Email by Default

Every meeting modification will be automatically sent to any of the attendees and recipients. In order to define this options, open the "Global & Basic Setting" label of the System Fundamentals. In the "send Calendar Updates via Email by Default" field, choose whether to use this automatic option or not.

Fields for "Calendar Meeting Window"

Each of the meetings squares presents some of the meeting fields as a preview. In order to choose the preferred fields for this preview, open the "Global & Basic Setting" label of the System Fundamentals. In the "Fields for Calendar Meeting Window" field, choose the required fields from the list. The length of the presented information is limited due to the preview window size.

Limit Number of Participants

The organization can decide to limit the total number of participants in any of the meetings. This should be defined in the "Global & Basic Setting" label of the System Fundamentals. In the "Calendar Limit Total Number of Participants to field", fill in the maximal number of participants.

Local Date Mask

In the "Agencies" label of the System Fundamentals, use the "Local Date Mask: Day Before Month" field to determine the required Date Mask. By choosing "NO" the Date mask will be Month Before Day.

Shifts Layout

In the Employee User Card, in the "Employment Details" label, the users shift hours should be defined. The squares of the shift hours in the Calendar will be marked with a white background.

Team Calendar Color

The agency meetings in the Calendar can be marked with a background color. In order to choose a color, open the "Agencies" label of the System Fundamentals and choose the color in the "Team Calendar Color" field, By choosing the black color, the agency will have no background color.