Search Mail

The Email system allows to search for Email messages in each of the Mail Boxes. Click the Search Mail button to open the search window.

search mail

Use the following fields to search for the required Email message:

Field Description
Search Subject & Body For Search for the required text in the Subject of the Body of the message.
From The name of the sender / Email Address.
Has Attachments Choosw whether this message has any attachments.
Part of Attachment Filename Fill in part of the attached file name and choose "Yes" in the "Has attachments" field.
Mailbox Choose the required mail box.
Search In Choose whether to search in the Current Folder / Deleted Folder / All.
By Mark Flag Choose the marking type of the message.

Please Note - This search is done for the chosen Mail Box only (Inbox / Sent Items). In order to cancel the searching mode, click the Search Mail button again and click on the cancel button.