Arranging and following up the tasks of the organization, is an essential action and should be done frequently by the managers. This tool of Hyper, allows the user to create and share new tasks as well as follow up the rest of the users tasks. Each task can be related to Client / Supplier / Project cards or alternatively to internal users and departments only.

There are three tabs in this page:

  • Graphic View - This tab displays the entire tasks related to the user: Personal tasks, Public tasks, Tasks that were created for others.
  • Personal Search - Allows the user to search for any self related task, by using the filter fields.
  • Report - This tab is used to create a Search Wizard to find any required task and export or print it.
This page also allows to create a new task.

Graphic View

Tasks - Graphic View

This tab displays all of the open tasks and has three columns:

  • My tasks - All of the personal tasks of the user, which are not public.
  • Public tasks - Tasks that were defined as public for Everyone / Department / Agency.
  • Tasks that I created for Others - The tasks that were created by the user for other users.
Double click on a task will open the task window, that allows the user to modify and the task and update its status according to the defined authorizations.

Task Display

The status of the task will be marked with the following icons:

  • The status of the task will be marked with the following icons:
    - In progress.
    - Waiting on someone else.
    - Not started.
  • Starting at Deadline.

    Tasks that should be completed by today, will be marked with a red background.

  • Priority: High priority. Low priority.
  • Related Users / Contacts / Clients / Suppliers. ("For User" field).
  • Task Subject.
The list of fields to display in the task frame, can be modified be the user. In order to choose the required fields, right click on the task frame and choose "Personal Fields Layout". In the "Personal Fields Layout" window, the user can choose the required fields from the list of available fields. Additional fields can be chosen by using "Tab" or Ctrl+Enter.

There are two action buttons in this page:

Refresh List Refresh the list of tasks according to updates and modifications.
Create New Task Create a new task (as described below).

Personal Search

Tasks Search

This tab allows the user to search for any self related task, by using the filter fields.

Search Search for tasks according to the defined filters.
Clear Clear the filter definitions.


This tab is used to create a Search Wizard in order to find any required task and export or print it. Use the Search Wizard button to create a Search Wizard according to the required filters. The following action buttons are available in this tab:

Print Print the searching results.
Export Data Export the searching results.
Copy Data to Clipboard Copy the searching results to the clipboard.

Create New Task

In order to create a new task, click the Create New Task button. In the "New Task" window, the user should fill in all of the relevant information.

New Task

There are two tabs in this window:


In this tab, the user should fill in the following fields, with the task details:

Field Title Description
Starting At Mandatory field. The timing for starting the task.
Deadline According to selected date in this field, the task will be marked with a red background.
Linked to If the task is referred to specific Client / Supplier / Project, select its Hyper card.
Priority Use this field to define the priority for each task. The priority of the task will be displayed in the Grapic View window: - High Priority, - Low Priority.
Public Task In this field, define whether this is a private task of the user or a public task, which referrs to another employees of the organization.
For User When creating a task for other users, select the user from the "Select User Dialog" in this field. Use the Lock for Cahnges checkbox, to define whether the user can make any changes in the task definitions.
Agency / Department These fields are available according to the "Public Task" field value.

Feedback / Info

This tab is used to follow up the progress and the status of the task. There are two available fields for modifications:

Field Title Description
Status The current status of the task:
  • Not Started
  • In Progress
  • Completed
  • Waiting on someone else
  • Declined
  • Please note - When choosing the "Completed" or "Declined" status' the system will close the task.
Feedback / Notes After updating the status, fill in the relevant details about the new status and the progress.

Action Buttons

The following action buttons will be available after saving the new task:

Write Email About this Task This button creates an Email message with all of the task details, for the person that this task is related to.
Linkage Open the Hyper card of the Client / Supplier that is related to this task.
Delete Cancel this task.

Follow up Open Tasks

After creating a new task, it will be added to the list of tasks. The open tasks are also displayed in the Alerts List at the top of the window.