Hyper allows its users to send SMS Messages. The system connects to the SMS system through API from the server. In order to use this service, the user should purchase GSMS package and contact the SYE customer service.

System Admin - In order to define the SMS System Setting, please follow the instructions in the bottom of this page.

click the New SMS button. In this window, fill in the sender details, the addressees and the content of the message.


In order to use Hyper to send SMS messages, follow the next steps:

  1. Press the Add Recipients button to choose the required recipients.
  2. Create an excel file with the addressees details, according to the fields of this table. If you wish to load the file, save it as CSV - Comma Delimited. alternatively, copy the fields from the file (Ctrl+C) and paste it in the table (Ctrl+V).
  3. Import the addressees to the table by using the Load from .csv File / paste the copied fields / manually fill in the addressees and the Data fields.
  4. Write the message text by using the required Data Fields. For example, If you wish to send a special offer to clients, write the message as follows:
    • Data Field #1 - Client name
    • Data Field #2 - Customer club Name
    • Data Field #3 - Club Discount
    Message Text: Dear {#1}, as {#2} club member, we would like to offer you a special discount of {#3}.
  5. Fill in the next fields:
    Field Title Description
    From phone Number Choose the Phone number that will be displayed as the sender of the message .As default, the sender number will be the number that was defined in the "Agencies" tab of the system fundamentals, in "Default SMS Sent From Number" field. If this field is empty, the sender phone number will be the phone number of the user (taken from the user card). Please note - This field is mandatory, in order to send the SMS message.
    Message Text Write the Message - up to 200 chars.
  6. Click on the Send Message (F6) button.

The sent messages will be displayed in the Relationship tab of the Client / Supplier card.

The following action buttons are available in this window:

Add Recipients (F5) Select the required recipients from the lists of Clients / Suppliers / Personal Contacts / Colleagues (Users).
Load from .csv File Hyper allows to use data from cvs files. In order to load this data, create an Excel file, according to the table's fields and save it as cvs file. Alternatively, copy the fields values from the Excel file (Ctrl+C) and paste it (Ctrl+V) in this table. The Data Fields of this table should be used as in Sending Mail to Wide Circulation. By using this fields, the messages can be customized according to the recipients. For example: It Data Field #1 is used for the Client name, replace the name in the message with {#1}.
Save to .csv File Save the message as .csv file.
Add Clients Add a group of clients by using filters from the Advanced Search Wizard.
Add Suppliers Add a group of suppliers by using filters from the advanced search wizard.
Cancel (F2) Cancel the new SMS.
Send Message (F6) Approve the New SMS message and sent it to the selected recipients.

System Administrator

SMS System Settings

Hyper can be connected to SMS system through API of SMS services company. For further information, Contact SYE customer service department.

After purchasing the sms package, the user will get a Username and a Password and will need to define it as follows:

  • Open the Automation Log & Web Services of the system fundamentals.
  • Click the Create New button.
  • In the "Hyper Service ID" field, fill in the Hyper Service ID of the SMS services company.
  • Fill in the Username and the Password.
  • Press the save button.