Send Mail in Wide Circulation

Hyper allows its users to send mail in wide circulation, customized to each of the addressees. This tool of hyper is used for marketing and advertising purposes.

Please note - every message will be sent as BCC and the addressee will not see the rest of the addressees Email addresses.

שליחת דוא

In order to send Email in wide circulation that includes customized details, according to the addressee, follow the next steps:

  1. Create an Excel file that contains the relevant fields. The first field should contain the Email address.

    העלאת פרטי נמענים לשליחת הודעות תפוצה במערכת ניהול לקוחות

  2. Copy the fields frame by using Ctrl+C and paste it in the table by using Ctrl+V or click the Paste Mailing List from Clipboard button. the fields will be pasted in to the table as follows:

    שליחת דואר אלקטרוני לרשימת תפוצה במערכת ניהול לקוחות

  3. Message Body - the content of the message should be written by using data fields in curly brackets. For example:

    Subject: Dear {#1} - a special seal just for you Email Body: Dear {#1}, as {#2} club member, we would like to offer you a special discount of {#3}%.

    For the first row in the table, the message would be:
    Dear John, as Business club member, we would like to offer you a special discount of 10%.

  4. Use the attachments tab to add attachments and the Template tab to use one of the organizations templates.
  5. Send from Mailbox - Choose the required mailbox to send the message.
  6. Click the Send Message button.

Please note - Unlike the regular method of sending Email messages, this action is done from the local computer of the user. Therefore the Email Messages will not be saved in the mailbox and in the Hyper clients cards.

System Administrator

The Email Protocol

The Hyper automation sends and receives Emails and is installed on the server, next to the Database. The automation receives the Emails in POP3 protocol (port 110) and send the messages with SMTP protocol (port 25). The automation does not encrypt the sent Messages, since this action is executed from the database server and not from the users personal computer.

Despite of all the above, the Email definitions for Gmail Email boxes are executed in protocol POP3 (port 995) and in SMTP (port 465), and the messgae is encrypted and sent in SSL.

Sending in wide circulation - Unlike the regular messgaes sending, the wide circulation messages sending is done from the local computer. In order to allow this option, it is required to verify that the computer can work with the Email server in port 25.