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Hyper was designed to be customized according to the users needs and allows to add functions according to the organization requirements. This tab can contain several sub-tabs with a different customized functionality. In this tab the user can also follow any modifications made in the client card, save statements and documents, view the "Bad Client Leads" related to this client card and to add or edit additional tabs.

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There are four sub-tabs in this this tab:

  • Spare Fields - This tab contains spare fields where the user can add and edit fields according to the organization needs and requirements.
  • Automatic Statements - Documents that have been saved by the system. For further information click here.
  • Modification Log - This table contains all of the modifications that have been made in the client card. For further information click here.
  • Bad Client Leads - This table contains all of the bad leads (duplicate leads) related to this client card. For further information click here.

Spare Fields

This is the main tab. This tab can be used to display information fields according to the organization needs and requirements.

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In companies and businesses where the sales person sits in front of the customer, the user can use this tab to contain all of the required information that needs to be hidden from the customer. In this case, the sales person should know to avoid opening this tab in front of the client.

Automatic Statements

This table in this tab contains all of the statements and the documents that were produced by the system. Also, this tool is used by trading companies to send documents to their clients, regarding their activity. If the company has an automatic statements sending system, the table will also display these statements.

This table presents the following information fields:

Field Title Description
Created On The date of the document production.
Status The status of the sent document: Don't Send by Email / Waiting on queue / Error (Rejected) / Sent OK.
Send Confirmation The time of receiving the confirmation for successfully sending the document.
Target EMail Address The addressee of the document.

Each row represents a formal document that was sent to the client. Click on Preview File to view the file. By using some of the common softwares for files such as PDF, the user can open the file and view its details as well as any attached digital signature.


Modifications Log

This tab displays all of the modification that have been made in the client card. The modifications are automatically updated by the system and can not be deleted. A new modification record will be created for any modification made by the user.

Modification Log

The table presents the time when the modification was done, the User Name, Table name, Field Name Old Value and New Value. This tool allows the manager to follow every modification in order to prevent unwanted modifications.

There are three action buttons in this window:

Merge Another Client Card (with all it's data) into this client card. Merge a chosen Client Card into this Client card. In the "Search for Client" window, Search for the required client and press the Select (F6) button. All of the chosen client records and documents will be merged to this client. A new "Additional Contact" will be created with the merged identification and contact details.
Duplicate as Child A new client card will be created with this client identification and contact details. The new Client card will be marked as "Child Client" of the original Client Card.
Duplicate to External Database Duplicate this client card to other data base of the organization. In the "Duplicate to External Database" window, choose the required external data base from the list press the OK (F6) button

Bad Client Leads

Hyper assists its user to create a real clients database. The system checks every new lead and client and verifies that no duplicate card is already exist in the system, by checking the phone number and the Email address.

Duplicate Leads

This table displays all of the duplicate leads of this client that have been received or created. To view the entire list of duplicate leads, go to the "Bad Client Leads" tab of the "Reports & Lists" tab in the main page of Hyper. Bad clients are clients or leads that have been received, even though they have missing details or contact details which are similar to other existing client card details. Additional information can be displayed in the information fields at the bottom of this page, according tho the users needs.

This table is usually used by the marketing and sales managers and by the system administrator to check the quality of the received leads. This page is informative only and is a very important tool for checking and following indicators:

  1. The amount of leads that were disqualified or rejected during the marketing process or during the first contact with the client.
  2. Conversion rate - checking the amount of leads that have not been converted from external systems into the Client table.
The bad leads are saved in the duplicate leads data base (Bad Client Leads), as described at the bottom of this page.

Recover / Delete Leads

Recovering and deleting leads are available from the "Bad Client Leads" table in the "Reports & Lists" tab.

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