Fields Layout

When choosing this option, the "Set Fields Layout" window will be displayed. This window presents all of the displayed fields in the current Hyper page according to their position (row and column).

Fields Layout

The fields layout is simply defined by choosing the required field from the list in the required row and column, as follows:

Add a New Field

New fields can be added to any window according to the users needs and the requirements of the organization. In order to add a new field, click on the required field and choose the required field from the list. Fields that are revealed in other tab of the same module, will be available in the list only after checking the Allow all fields checkbox.

Move Field

In order to move field, to other row, right click on the field and choose the required action from the menu.
Please note - some of the available actions, apply to the entire row of the selected field.

Remove Field

In order to remove field, click on the require cell and choose the empty field from the list of fields.

There are few action buttons available in this window:

Align to Column 0 Align all of the fields to the left, by using available empty fields.
Allow all fields This option allows to reveal a field more than once in the same area of the interface.
Cancel Cancel the modification and close this window.
Save Settings Save the modifications and close this window.