Service Ticket

Service tickets are queries / requests / complaints etc. regarding a service or a product supplied by the organization and require a treatment or a reference of it.

קריאות שירות - ראשי


The service ticket displays all of the details and information about the complaint or query of the client. The service Ticket allows to manage and update its details, according to the users authorizations, in the following three tabs:

  • Main
  • More Info
  • Query EMails about this Ticket


קריאות שירות - ראשי

In this tab, fill in the relevant details for this service ticket. The user should pay attention to the following fields:

A service ticket will be closed only after updating its status to one of the following statuses: "Completed" / "Declined" / "Canceled". The following statuses will be available only after filling in the "Treatment Guidelines by Service Manager" field: "Declined" / "Completed Against the will of the Customer" / "Completed by Compromise with the Customer" / "Completed with Full Customer's Satisfaction".

Field Title Description

This field should be modified according to the handling process and the activity of the organization representatives. The first default status is "New".

Linked To If the service ticket was received from a Client or Supplier, it can be related to its ticket by choosing it from the list of Clients / Suppliers in this field.
Subject / Complaint All of the relevant details about this query. It is very important to receive as much information as possible in order to Appropriately handle with this service ticket later.

The following action buttons are available at the bottom of this window:

Delete Delete this service ticket. This action is available as long as the "Treatment Guidelines by Service Manager" field is empty. Once updating this field, the service ticket can not be deleted.
Write EMail about this service ticket Write an Email regarding this Service Ticket. The details of this service ticket will be copied to the message body.
Open Attached File Open the related Client / Supplier card (as defined in the "Linked to" field.
New Task Create a new task regarding this service ticket.
Modifications Log The modification log displays all of the modifications from this service ticket and includes the modified field name, the old value and the new value.
Print Print the service ticket. This option also allows to export this information send it by EMail.
Cancel Cancel any modification made.
Save & Exit Save the modification and exit the service ticket.

More Info

In this tab, the system admin can add or edit information fields according to the organization needs and requirements. For further information about Fields Layout and Rules, Click here.

Query EMail about this Ticket

There are two ways to link a service ticket to an Email message:

  • Create a service ticket from an Email message. These Email messages will be presented in the first table (Inbox).
  • Send an Email from a service ticket. These Email messages will be presented in the second table (Sent Items).

System Admin

Hyper Website (Portal)

The Hyper Website (Portal) is used by the organization clients for actions, that will be automatically updated in the Hyper system, according to users activities. SYE allows its clients to use a customized website which designed according to the clients needs and requirements. For further information please contact SYE customer service department.

Define fields for website Service Tickets

As part of the Service Tickets Module, the following fields should be defined in the "hyp_service Ticket" Table:

  • Service_Subject = 'spare strfld 01'; "select" type.
  • Service_Phone = 'spare strfld 02';
  • Service_Email = 'spare strfld 03';

For any financial / Forex companies, the following fields should be defined as well:

  • Fld_Service_IBAN = 'spare strfld 04';
  • Fld_Service_Swift = 'spare strfld 05';
  • Fld_Service_Amount = 'spare extfld 01';

Please Note - the spare fields must be defined exactly as described above.

Receiving Service Ticket from website

Service Tickets can be received from any website / landing page / contact page etc. In order to allow this option there are few required settings to define in the "Web Data Port" tab of the "Marketing & Web-Content" Module.

Hide Tabs from Selected Users

In order to hide some of the tabs in the website from selected users, follow the next steps:

  1. Add a "Spare Group StrFld" to the client card and name it: Website Blocked Functions.
  2. In the "Spare Field Customization" tab, choose the "GroupSelect" as the Editor Type.
  3. Define the language of this field as English. (choose NO in the "Local Lang" field of the "Default String & Values List" tab.
  4. In the "Values List" field, fill in the names of the tabs as defined for the webpage. Each of the following available tabs should be written in a different row:
    • Upload Documents
    • Personal Information & Password
    • Internal Mail
    • Customer Service
    • Closed Trades Report
    • Monetary TP Report
    • Open Trades Report
    • Journal Report
    • Statements
  5. Press the Save Settings button.
  6. Add the "Website Blocked Functions" to the client card. Choose the required functions to block, from the list in this field.