Relationship - Tasks

This tab displays all of the Client / Supplier / Project tasks (open and completed) and allows to create new tasks. Any new task can be related to a Client / Supplier / Project card in Hyper or alternatively can be inner general tasks of the organization.

client tasks

The action buttons at the top of this tab allows to choose the tasks to display in the table:

Open Tasks Display open tasks only.
All Tasks Display all of the tasks.
Search Wizard Use this option to create advanced search wizard (Filter).

Create New Task

In order to create a new task, click the Create New Task button. In the "New Task" window, the user should fill in all of the relevant information as described below:

New Task

There are two tabs in this window:


In this tab, the user should fill in the details of the task, according to the information fields. The "Agency" and "Department" fields, are avaiable due to the definition of the "Public Task" fields. The task can be locked for changes by checking the Lock for Changes checkbox. The details fields are described at the bottom of this page.

The following action buttons will be available after saving the new task:

Write Email About this Task This button creates an Email message with all of the task details, for the person that this task is related to.
Lingage Open the Hyper card of the Client / Supplier that is related to this task.
Delete Cancel this task.

Feedback / Info

This tab is used to follow up the progress and the status of the task. There are two available fields for modifications:

Field Title Description
Status The current status of the task:
  • Not Started
  • In Progress
  • Completed
  • Waiting on someone else
  • Declined
  • Please note - When choosing the "Completed" or "Declined" status' the system will close the task.
Feedback / Notes After updating the status, fill in the relevant details about the new status and the progress.

Follow up Open Tasks

After creating a new task, it will be added to the list of tasks. The open tasks are also displayed in the Alerts List at the top of the Hyper main window.