More Info

This tab displays additional information about the supplier and allows to customized tabs of expansion tables. There are three default tabs:

  • Products - This table displays the products that were defined to be supplied by this supplier. Represented Clients - This tab will be available if the supplier is a Middleman.
  • Modifications Log - The modifications log of the supplier. Use this tab to follow the updates and modifications made in the supplier card.
  • Expansion Tables - These tabs can be added according to the requirements of the organization. In order to use these expansion table go to the "Expansion Modules" tab of the System Fundamentals and activate the required Extra Properties.


This is the main window of the "More Info" tab. The table includes all of the products that were related to this supplier (as defined in the product card).


There are two areas to this screen:

  • Products table
  • Update Product Price

Products table

This table includes all of the products that can be provided by this supplier. Each row presents a product and its details. Additional information fields can be added to this table, according to the needs of the user. The "Default Supplier" field displays the name of this product default supplier (in case that there are more than one supplier that can supply this product).

In order to define the default supplier of a product, open the "Suppliers" tab of the product card, choose the required supplier from the list and click the Set as Default button.

Update Product Price

In these fields, the user can update the price of the selected product. In order to see the current price of a product, click on the required product record and press the Load Last Update button. When choosing a product of a different supplier, these fields will display the prices of the current supplier.

After loading the required product, the user can modify its price and currency, as well as its Reference Type, Catalogic Number and special Notes. After modifying these fields, press the Save Price Update button. This action will update the new price in the product card, but will not set the supplier as default supplier of this product. In order to set the supplier as the default supplier for a selected product, follow the next steps:

  • Open the "Product Design Module" and go then open the required product card.
  • Go to the "Suppliers" tab and choose the required supplier in the table. Alternatively add it to the table, by choosing the "Supplier Name" from the suggested list in this field.
  • Fill in the Price fields as well as the "Valid from date" and "Currency" fields.
  • Press the Set as Default button and then Save.

Represented Clients

For a Middleman supplier, this tab will present all of his related Clients. Double click on a client to open his Hyper card.


Modification Log

This is an informative tab that presents all of the modifications made in this supplier card. The modifications are automatically updated by the system and can not be deleted. A new modification record will be created for any modification made by the user.

מוצרים / פריטים

The table presents the time when the modification was done, the User Name, Table name, Field Name, Old Value and New Value. This tool allows the manager to follow the modification in order to prevent unwanted modifications and to recover wrong modifications.

Expansion Table