Change Order Status

The progress of the order's process is manually updated by the user, by using the Change Order Status button. This button displays the "Change Order Status" window, where the status can be modified, as described below.

Change Order Status

The fields at the top of this window present the order's details and can not be modified.

Change the Order Status

The orders Items table displays the products of this Order / Offer. Next to the table, the following action buttons are used to change the order status:

Quotation This is the status of the order after creating a new Offer. This status can be manually defined to any order with a status of "Canceled While Negotiating", or to an expired offer.
Pro-forma Invoice

This status is manually selected by the user if the client approves the offer.

The system will ask the user whether there are any alternative price offers for this order and will display the list of unapproved orders ("Quotation" status). If there is an alternative price offer, mark its check box. This option is used for statistic reports. The alternative offer will status will be automatically changed to "Canceled - Alternative Offer Approved". The details of the approved offer will be displayed in the "Winning Order Number" field.
Canceled While Negotiating This status is manually selected for offers that were Canceled or rejected. This status can be modified to "Quotation".
Canceled after Approval This status should be selected if the client rejects this offer after its approval. This status can be modified by the user to "Pro-forma Invoice".
Send to Production Send this order to production.

Assign to Contract

This option is available for Committed / Prepaid products. After adding these products to the order and choosing the "Send to Production" status, the system displays the "Change Order Status" window. In this window, click the Assign to Contract button, to use the committed / prepaid products (from the table at the bottom of this window). The quantity of the products will be reduced from the amount of the committed / prepaid products.

assign to contract

In order to cancel the chosen assignments, use the Reset All Assignments button.