The Email Module (Sending and receiving Email messages)

10 Seconds after operating the automation and then every 5 minutes, an incoming messages synchronization process is executed as well as sending pending messages from the data base (as a backup for an error or if the automation is off). There are few remarks for this module:

  • The automation synchronizes up to 6 Mail boxes and sending up to 5 messages at the same time, in all of the supported protocols (in order to avoid CPU load).
  • At the beginning of every synchronization, a query is executed on each of the contacts, clients, suppliers etc. This method allows to save resources and fast filing. Yet, it is possible that if any new Hyper card is created while synchronizing (in a cycle of 5 minutes) and a new message is received from it, this message wont be Attached into this card Relationship Log (This is a rare situation). Every future message related to this card will be attached.
  • After operating this automation and every round hour, the system will try to recover messages from mail boxes that were marked as having a wrong definitions. Each mail box that was Successfully connected will be marked as normal mail box.

Approve Email Address ("not spam")

Approving Email Address is a process which is done by checking the whold address and the domain (i.e. domains of public services such as yahoo / Gmail will not be checked) and compare it with the "website" field. The system checks the following tables:

  • hyp_Contact Persons - The contact persons details.
  • hyp_Clients - The clients table.
  • hyp_Suppliers - The Suppliers table.
  • hyp_User_Personal_Contacts - The user's personal contact persons details.
  • hyp_Anti Spam White List - The approved Email addresses (not spam).
  • hyp_Employees - The employees table that includes the "Private Email" field (the employee's private Email address).

Send a Meeting Invitation

  • For each meeting invitation or cancellation, a new record is created in " hyp_Meetings Automation Processing" table. These records include an explicit provision of what is needed to be sent (invitation / cancellation / confirmation) and how it suppose to be sent. As for now, it can only be sent via Email.
  • In order to determine the mail box to send the message with, the system uses the following priority:
    1. If the user (real Hyper user or an entity of the calendar) has a mail box that allows to send messages - it will be selected.
    2. If the real user has a mail box that allows to send messages - it will be selected.
    3. Sending the Email via the first public mail box that includes the user's name or his authorization group, and allows to send messages.
    4. Sending the Email via the first public mail box that allows to send messages and has no defined authorizations.
  • The timezone of the meeting is taken from the its creator or from the approving user. The summer / winter time is determined according to the meeting's date and the agencies table of the data base.
  • If the value of the "Invited by Email" field in the meeting record is "Y", than the system answers the invitation (OK / Error). Otherwise, the invitation and the attendees update will be sent as required.
  • Only after the real attempt to send the invitaion, the value of the "Status" field is received, as well as the time stamp for the "Processed On" field (in hyp_meetings table).
  • At last, according to the SMS interface availability, the SMS messages will be sent.