Credit Cards Clearing

Hyper allows to execute a credit cards clearing via different providers. The clearing requests are saved and encrypted in the SYE Clearing Credit Cards table and wait for the server to execute the requests. After the clearing attempt, the server sends the answer for the request and the reason in case of refusal (Credit cards Clearing via Token, is done the same way).

Hyper allows to use more than one clearing service provider, so that in case of refusal from one provider, the system will make another attempt using another provider. This ability of the system was designed in order to reduce the amount of refusals that causes an inability to execute a deal, and sometimes even causes its cancellation. The system uses an algorithm of optimization considerations, in order to choose the clearing and also checks the provider's commission as well as the local providers from the user's country.

In order to define the Credit Cards Clearing providers, open the "Automation Log & Web Services" tab of the System Fundamentals. In the "Web Services Configuration" table, define the Credit Cards Clearing providers as follows:

  1. Press the Create New button to add a new provider. Fill in the Service provider name in the "Hyper Service ID" field.
  2. Fill in the Identification fields of the supplier (Username, Password, Terminal).
  3. Press the Save button.

ccsp.demo - Demo Credit Card Clearing provider

This Credit Card Clearing provider is used for demonstration only and does not connected to any real Credit Card Clearing provider. To use this provider, fill in its name in the "Hyper Service ID" field: ccsp.demo. This provider will always receive a refusal. There is no need to define additional fields for this provider.