Night Processing

Documents System Maintenance

Scanning the documents folders related to clients, suppliers and projects, and comparing with the "hyp_Attachments Log" table and with the documents tree:

  • If there are any records of files that do not exist, these records will be deleted.
  • If there is any file which is not displayed in the documents tree (due to communication malfunction or a rare event), this file will be added to the main folder of the tree with no name, as a recovered duocument.
  • If there is any file with with no searching record (in the "hyp_Attachments Log" table), its record will be added to the table. The system also compares the size of each file as well as the last modification date. This situation can occur if the system administrator modifies the "hyp_Attachments Log" table by mistake.
Please Note - This program was also designed for self programmers (not from SYE Software Industries), that add documents and files to a wrong built documents tree or searching index.

Rest of

  1. Birthday Query:
    A birthday query is executed for the employees records and a table with the names of these employees is sent on their birthday to all of the organization users, except of the celebrating employee.

  2. Bills and Payments query:
    A query on every Bank Statements import, Credit Cards and online payment services, is executed. All of the rules and definitions related accounts, will be checked and matched with the DB. If the account name was modified, it will be updated in the definitions and in the DB. The linkage to any deleted account will be removed.

  3. Price Offers validation days:
    The validation of every price offer that was updated more than 2 days ago is checked. This checking is done according to the value of the "This offer is Valid for # Days" field. The status of very price offer which is not valid any more, will be changed to "Cancelled" and the following fields will be modified:
    • Offer/Order Cancelled On - The exact time of the cancellation.
    • Updated By - This field will get the automation name (ERP_Automaton).

  4. Campaign Validation Days:
    The records of expired campaigns (two days after "Valid Till Date" field's value) will be moved to the archive. These records table name is "hyp_Product Sale".

  5. Contracts Maintenance:
    Moving clients contracts records (hyp_Client Contract table) to the archive for any of the following terms:
    • If the "Committed Until Date" field is defined, this date was passed and this product was not pre paid.
    • If the "Committed Units" field is defined, and the value of the "Units Supplied" field is equal or bigger than the commited units.
  6. Price List Maintenance:
    Update the time limited price lists - updating the price (hyp_Product Price Log) as well as the suppliers rate (hyp_Product Valid Suppliers). The relevant prices are copied to the items table, and become the official prices of these products in the system (the pricing modules do not read the pricing tables in real time, but use the items records).
    In the suppliers cards, the default supplier's price is copied.

  7. The "Total Charge LC" field (hyp_Product Header table) is calculated each night.

  8. Standing Orders for Auto Biiling that have not been used for # months are permanently deleted. The value of # months is defined in the "Bookkeeping" tab of the system fundamentals.

  9. For credit cards clearing records that were created more than 30 days ago, the system will reset the encoded field "Encrypted Data", so the credit card details can not be recovered. These detailss are encoded but the system resets this field anyways.

    The system saves this details for comparison need with the clearing company, in case of error or duplication. The encription key is different for any record and can only be decoded and calculated by the system.

  10. Credit card clearing records that were created more than 180 days ago, will be removed to the archive. The table name is SYE Clearing Credit Cards.