Confirmation Chain

This tab is available for approved offers. The confirmation chain describes an inner progress in the organization, which is required for the production process before / after the delivery to the client. In order to create a confirmation chain, it should be defined in the "Orders" tab of the system fundamentals. System Administrator - please follow the instruction at the bottom of this page.

Confirmation Chain

After displaying the confirmation chain tab, the production process is contingent upon these confirmation steps. In order to approve a confirmation step, click in its frame and the next step of the chain will become available. Please note - If any required step was defined to be done Before Production, the user can not send the order to production as long as this step is not approved.

The following information fields will be modified after approving a step of the confirmation chain.

Field Title Description
Last Confirmation Step The title of the last confirmation step.
Next Confirmation Step The title of the next confirmation step
Next Confirmation Step Deadline The deadline for the next confirmation step, according to the definition of "Calendar Days to Accomplish" field in the "Orders" tab of the System Administrator.

System Administrator

Confirmation Chain Definition

The table In the "Orders" tab of the System Fundamentals, is used to define the order confirmation chain of the organization. This definition will make the "Confirmation Chain" tab available. Fill in the following fields:

Field Title Description
Step Name As will be displayed in the confirmation chain.
Authorized Users Select allowed users to approve this step.
Authorize by Agency Defines whether this step can be approved only by the agency which is related to the order / offer.
Calendar Days to Accomplish Defines the time-frame to approve this step.
Work-flow Control Choose a timing for this step.
Press the Save Settings button to save the confirmation chain definition.