This window is used for received Cheques.

1. Cheque receipt

2. Cheque Receipt for Banking services / Broker / Trading Platform providers (regulated companies)

In this window, fill in the details of the received cheques, including the account and the bank details. The bank can be selected from a list, by using the Banks Index button.

The Cheques details should be filled in the displayed table. Use the Add Sequential Cheque button to add a row to the table with the details of the following cheque and with a following Payment date. By using this button the Total Amount and the Exchange rate will be the same as in the first cheque, but can be modified by the user.

The "As Security Bill" field is use to define the cheque as security bill, according to the organization requirements and policy.

Please note - the mandatory required fields for regulated companies, are displayed in this window (image 2), according to the definition of the "This Company is Regulated as" field, in the Bookkeeping tab of the System Fundamentals. The required details for the regulation should also be filled in the "Notes" tab.