Create Employee / User / Public Resource

Hyper allows its users (according to authorizations) to easily add, edit or remove employees and users cards. Theses cards represent the users and allow the human resources department to manage the organization's employees and resources. In order to add a new employee / user/ resource, follow the next steps:

  • Select the required entity type.
  • Fill in the general information about the added new resource.
  • Set the username, password and authorizations.

Select a entity type

There are three types of resources cards that can be created:

Select a resource type

Select the required entity type:

  • Employee and Hyper User - this card should be created for an employee that will be allowed to use Hyper. This is an authorized user of Hyper.
  • Just an employee - This card should be created for an employee that will not use Hyper. In this case, the employee will have an employee card only. This employee card can be turned into an "Employee and Hyper user" card, at any time.
  • Public Resource (Meeting Room etc) - This type of card is used for managing a resource, which is not an employee. This resource will be available in some of the Hyper's modules (e.g. Team Calendar).
Press the Continue button.

General Information

Fill in the mandatory fields and the general information of the employee, that include the ID / Social security number, Last name and first name. The rest of the information can be also filled in and edited after creating the Employees / Users cards.

General Information

For public resource, fill in the name (description) of the resource, as well as its agency and department:

public resource

After filling in the above public resources details, press the continue button and in the next displayedwindow, confirm the Hyper User Name of the resource.

Set the username, password and authorizations

The information fields in this window are displayed according to the type of the required resource type, and include the following definitions:

authorizations definition

Field Title Description
Hyper Authorization Select the authorization group for this user. for further information about authorization groups, Press here.
Translation File Select the required language for the interface. Different languages can be selected for different users.
Hyper Username Fill in the user name for this user to login the system. As default, the user name will include the last name and the first name of the user.
Hyper Password Select a password for the user to login.
Enabled to Modify System Fundamentals This authorization allows the user to modify the system fundamentals of Hyper. This authorization should be given to users that will need to modify the system fundamentals, according to the organizations policy.
Team Calendar Access Define whether to allow the user to view other employees calendar. Usually, this option is required for managers and team leaders, in order to follow the schedule of their employees.
Enabled to Copy-Paste data from Read-Only tables This authorization allows to copy information from the system. Please Note - when giving this authorization, please take into consideration whether the employee has an access to classified information. Therefore, this authorization should be given according to the organizations policy.
Visible in Users Tree Define whether this user will be visible in the different modules of Hyper, to be selected from the list of the organization users.
Enabled to Enter Clients Select the required authorization for this user for adding clients.
Enabled to Enter Suppliers Select the required authorization for this user for adding suppliers.
Please note - the above definitions can be modified, according to authorizations.

For an employee with no user, the system will ask for user name to recognize the employee in some of the Hyper's functions (e.g commissions, agents etc.).

resource's user name

To finish, press the Continue button. The new Employee / User / Public Resource card will be opened. For further information Press here.

System Administrator

Organize and define information fields

The required information fields of the user card can be modified and defined be the system admin or human resources manager, according to the organization's requirements.

Employee Name Stringing

The employees name stringing should be defined in the "Global & Basic Setting" of the System Fundamentals. Select the required string from the suggested options in the "Employee Name Stringing Field".