Remove Employee (User) Wizard

According to authorizations, the employees / user / resources cards can be removed. This option is usually used if an employee finishes to work in the organization. In order to remove an employee card, select the required employee from the "Employee Cards" tab and press the Remove button.

Remove Employee

This window displays the general information about the selected employee. Use these details to verify that this is indeed the required employee to be removed. Since this is an exceptional action, the system requires to also check the following check box, at the bottom of the window:
I understand that these actions are irreversible and wish to continue
Press the Continue button.

Transfer CRM data to a Substitute User

Hyper allows to save the activity of an employee and transfer it to a substitute user, when an employee finishes to work in the organization.

Transfer CRM data to a Substitute User

In order to transfer the data, follow the next steps:

  1. Click in the checkbox: Transfer CRM data to a Substitute User.
  2. In the "Select User Dialog" window, select the required substitute user from the list.
  3. After choosing the employee, the Check boxes of the wizard will become available and the substitute’s details will be displayed at the bottom of this window.
  4. Select the required activities and actions to be transferred.
    Please note - by choosing the "Assign Inbox to" checkbox, the user will be asked to select an employee that will receive the inbox messages. This employee can be different from the selected substitute user. This action will transfer only the exist inbox messages and will not forward any future incoming messages. Use the "Assign only Flag Messages" checkbox, in order to transfer only important or relevant messages that have been flagged.
  5. To finish and remove the employee card, press the Continue button. The employee card will be removed from the employees list.

System Administrator

Restoration of an employee card

In an exceptional cases, when a restoration of an employee card is required, use the DB Maintenance. The restoration of meetings, assignments, related clients etc., is available only in case that this information has not been transferred to a substitute user.