Global & Basic Settings

In this tab, define the primary definitions of the organization in Hyper. These definitions are mandatory and essential for using the system.

Organization's Description and Local Definitions

These mandatory fields describe the organization and will be displayed in the CRM system as well as on the formal documents of the organization:

Field Title Description
Company ID Number The company ID number, as reported and registered in the country's authorities.
Company Name in English The company name in English, as will be displayed on international documents.
Company Authority in English Describe the company authority (private / public etc.) in English.
Company Registered in Country The country where the company is registered and pay taxes.
Unit of measure list in English. The list of local units of measure, in English.
Title Values in English The list of local titles, in English (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc.).
International Header for A4 Header. These details will be displayed and printed on every produced document.
X.509 Certificate is installed and valid until The validation date of the organization's digital signature for formal documents. Organizations that want to define a digital signature should contact the SYE support team.

Clients and Employees Definitions

Field Title Description
Client Name Stringing Define the client name format:
  • Last Name + First Name
  • First Name + Last Name
  • Title + Last Name + First Name
  • Title + First Name + Last Name
  • Last Name + First Name + 3rd Optional Name
  • Title + Last Name + First Name + 3rd Optional Name
Fields for "Client Not Interested" popup window When the client handling status is modified to "Not Interested", a popup window is displayed and the user is asked to fill in the reason for this handling status modification. In this field, select the required mandatory fields for the user to fill in.
Enable Auto Client Duplicity Check

When creating a new client card, the system executes an automatic duplicity check and informs the user if any of the new client personal details (ID / contact details) already exists. In that case, the user will be asked to choose one of the following actions: Go Back / Save as a "Duplicated Lead" (in "Bad Leads" table) / Add a new contact in the selected card / Save as a child card of the selected card / Save anyway.

Auto Client Duplicity Check

Email Definitions

Field Title Description
Company Name in English for Outgoing mail The name of the message sender, as will be displayed in each of the EMail messages
Bypass Internal Mail Choose whether to send the internal mails to the users private Email:
  • Yes - The Email will be sent to the user private Email (as defined in the employee card).
  • No - The Email message will be sent to the internal mailbox.
Send Calendar Updates via Email by Default Define whether to automatically send an Email message for every calendar event modification. When choosing no, this message can still be proactively sent by the user.

Calendar definitions

Field Title Description
Fields for "Calendar Meeting Window" Select the required fields for the meetings preview frame, in the calendar.
Calendar Graphic View From / Till Hour Define the default time frame for the calendar graphic view.
Calendar Limit Total Number of Participants to Fill in the max limit number of participants in a meeting. Leave this field empty, to allow any number of participants.

Documents Definitions

Field Title Description
Supplier's Default Doc Folders List Use this field to define default folders for the Documents tab of the suppliers. Each folder name should be written in a new row.
Default Notes for International Delivery Note Define default notes, to be displayed on every produced international delivery notes.
Default Notes for International Return Goods Define default notes, to be displayed on every produced international return of goods document.
Default Notes for International Tax Invoice Define default notes, to be displayed on every produced international Tax Invoice.
Default Notes for International Credit Invoice Define default notes, to be displayed on every produced international Credit Invoice.
Default Notes for International Receipt Form Define default notes, to be displayed on every produced international Receipt form.
Default Notes for International Refund Form Define default notes, to be displayed on every produced international Refund form.
Default International Product Return Policy The international policy and terms for for return of goods. The policy should be written in English. This comment will be displayed on Tax Invoices, Delivery Notes and Orders.

For further information about the available System Fundamentals Definitions, click here.