Countries & Logo

This tab of the System Fundamentals is used for defining the logo of the organization, its activity countries and each of the countries local properties: units of measure, local titles, phone prefixes and print envelop definitions.

Company Logo

There are three frames at the top of this tab. These frames are used for uploading the logo of the company, as well as additional two more images. In order to upload images, click on the frame and select the required action:

Load Image Select an image to upload, from the local computer.
Capture Image Upload an image from an external source.
Select Capturing Source (TWAIN) Select capturing external source to upload an image.
Capture Screen (Desktop) Image Capture the screen behind Hyper, define the borders by dragging the mouse pointer, and save this image.
Clear Image Delete the selected image.
Convert into Black and White Convert the selected image into black and white image.
Anti-Alias blurring the borders of the selected image.
Crop Margins Crop the margins of the selected image, be dragging the mouse pointer.

Define the countries where your organization is located

The table in the center of this tab is used for defining the countries where the organization is active and located. Select the required counter from the list, fill in the name of the company in the local language and the authority (private company / public company etc.) in local language.

Local definitions

The definition fields at the bottom of this tab, are used for local definition of the selected country from the above table. Fill in the following fields:

Field Title Description
Unit of measure list in Local Lang Fill in the local units of measure (Inches, Kilogram, etc.). In each row, fill in a single unit and press Enter to add an additional unit.
Title Values The local common titles (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.). In each row, fill in a single title and press Enter to add an additional unit.
Phone Prefix List In each row, fill in a single phone prefix and press Enter to add an additional prefix.
Print Envelope Definitions Define the measures of the envelopes as well as printed text in case of return.
Please note - these fields should be defined for each of the defined countries. Select the required country from the above table and fill in this fields.

For further information about the available System Fundamentals Definitions, click here.