Department & PBX

This tab is used for defining the departments of the organization and the phone extensions for each department.

Departments Table

In this table, define the departments of the organization. The defined department of each employee is displayed in the employee card and in the team calendar. In order to add and define a new department, fill in the table's field:

Field Title Description
Department Name The department name, as will be displayed in Hyper. Since this name represents the department, it is recommended to give it a clear name.
Team Calendar Color Select a background color for the department to make it easily detected in the departments list of the team calendar.

Define PBX Directory

Hyper allows to save phone extensions in the system as well as in the Relationship tab, in case that the organization's phone calls are recorded (for further information about this option, contact the SYE support team). The user name of the employee that made the call, will be displayed in the "Audio Recordings" tab of the client card. The following fields should be defined in the PBX Directories table:

Field Title Description
PBX Integer Identity The PBX identity number of the employee.
PBX String Identity The PBX identity string of the employee.
Hyper Username Select the employee that this PBX refers to, from the list of the organization users. This user name will be displayed in the "Who" field of the Relationship "Audio Recordings" tab.
Alternative CRM Entity by Free Text An alternative external CRM entity (not Hyper) to refer the phone calls to. This value will be displayed in the "Who" field of the "Audio Recordings" tab.

For further information about the available System Fundamentals Definitions, click here.