Attachments & Templates

In this tab, define the documents file format for the attachments system, as well as any required documents templates. At the top of this tab, the file types that Hyper is Automatically handle are displayed. Hyper allows to add any required file type to the list and define the way of handling it.

Documents File Formats Definitions

In the top table, add and define any additional required file types, according to the organization needs.

Field Title Description
File Extension Fill in the extension of the required file type.
Way of Handling Define how to handle this file type:
  • Open File and Save Changes
  • Edit File and Save Changes
  • Just Open (Don't Save Changes)
Custom Glyph Select an icon to represent this file type.

New Docs Templates

In this table, define any required file to be available for Hyper users, where the system allows to attach a document. Add files and modify this list, by using the following action buttons:

Preview File A preview of the selected file.
Add File Select the required template file to upload, from the local computer.
Replace File Replace exist file with other file, from the local computer.
Remove File Delete the selected file from the list of templates.
After updating this table, press the Save Settings button. Press the Reload Settings button, to cancel the modifications and reload the recently saved definitions.

For further information about the available System Fundamentals Definitions, click here.