In this tab, define the orders system and the orders process.

Orders Definitions

The following definition fields at the top of this tab, are used for defining the orders module properties:

Field Title Description
Enable Product Price History Define whether to allow the system to save prices history from suppliers. These rates are for information only and are not available for the sale process.
Enable Product Valid Suppliers List Define whether to display the list of all valid suppliers and their offered prices, for each product. Select "NO" to display only the defined default supplier of the product.
Enable Prepaid Products Select "YES" in order to display the "Prepay for a product" button when creating a new Tax Invoice.
Offers are Valid for # Days Define the validation of every given offer. As default, each offer is valid for 14 days.
How to Use Order Subject in Tax Invoice Select whether to copy the subject before the order items, or put the subject instead of all order items.
Enable "Order Content Import" Interface Select from the following options:
  • None - Disable "Order Content Import" Interface
  • Import from .csv file
  • Import from Excel Clipboard Format
  • Import from .csv & Render BOM
  • Import from Excel Clipboard Format & Render BOM
Order Items Display Node Fields / Node Fields for PP&C / Prototype Display Node Fields Define which of the product fields will be displayed in each of the above. The definition is done by using the following letters:
  • D - Dynamic fields, added by the user.
  • Q - Quantity fields.
  • M - Measures fields.
  • P - Price fields.
  • W - Weight fields.
The letters should be written as a string (e.g. DQMP).
Fields for "ERP New Order" popup window Select fields that will be displayed in popup window when creating a new order. Use this option to verify that required fields will be filled by the user.
Order Prototype Virtual Menu Node ID Add Nodes with multiple catalogic numbers, that affect the order. In order to make this option available, contact the SYE support team.
Order Default CAD File As default, add the selected file to every order. Select the file from the list of defined Docs Templates, in the "Attachments & Templates" tab of the system fundamentals.
Product Image Title Define a title for each of the products three available images.
Product Image #2 / #3 Resolution (WxH) Define the resolution of these images, for the website.

Order Confirmation Chain

This tab will make the Confirmation Chain tab available in the Order / Offer Form (Pro-forma Invoices). These are intermediate processes, defined by the organization, that are required for the continuity of the product production or before / after delivering the product to the client. In order to create an order confirmation chain, fill in the following definition fields:

Field Title Description
Step Name As will be displayed in the Confirmation Chain tab.
Authorized Users Allow this step confirmation for selected users only.
Authorized by Agency Allow this step confirmation for the defined agency of the order / offer only.
Calendar Days to Accomplish Define a time frame to accomplish this step.
Workflow Control Select the timing for requiring this step:
  • New Sale, before Production
  • New Sale, after delivery
  • Service, before Production
  • Service, after delivery

Please note - In order to save the above definitions, press the Save Settings button. Press the Reload Settings button, to cancel the modifications and reload the recently saved definitions.

For further information about the available System Fundamentals Definitions, click here.