Orders Header & Footer

In this tab, define the order header and footer memos. These contents can be added to the order form, by pressing the More Options button, at the bottom of the order form, and choosing the "Import Header & footer" option.

Orders Header & Footer

Definition fields

The titles of the required templates are defined in the table, at the top of this tab. The content for each template should be filled in the "Order Header" and Order Footer" fields, according to the selected template. The orders Header & Footer are defined in the following fields:

Field Title Description
Country Name Select the country from the list.
Friendly Title The name of the Header & Footer, as will be displayed in the list.
Attached Contract A4 Pages The number of pages in the attached contract.
Draw Order Number on contract 1st Page (X.Y in mm) The position of the order number on the contract page.
Order Header The content for the "Order Header" field in the Order / Offer Form.
Order Footer The content for the "Order Footer" field in the Order / Offer Form.
Authorized Agencies Allow the selected agencies to use these Header & Footer.
As Default for Agencies Select agencies to define these header and footer as default on their produced orders.

Action Buttons

The following action buttons are available at the bottom of this tab:

Attach Contract from Scanner / Virtual Printing Add contracts / documents, to the selected template.
Reload Setting Cancel the modifications and reload the recent saved data.
Save Settings Save the modification of the the selected templates.

For further information about the available System Fundamentals Definitions, click here.